Let’s Know Detail About Karwa Chauth Celebration and its Significance!!


Karwa Chauth will fall on 17 Oct. this year. And, so many people don’t know about the importance of this amazing festival of India. Let’s read this blog to know what this festival is all about and how it is celebrated throughout the country, which rituals are followed and other information about this holly festival.

During this festival, you would see the different kinds of gifts which are specially designed for this festival. The market is flooded with Karwa Chauth flowers and other gifts. Let’s know why this festival is so important and what are the things done throughout the day of Karwa Chauth.

On the day of Karwa Chauth, married women keep fast whole day without eating and drinking anything for the long life of their husbands. This festival is celebrated from the time immemorial and it is believed that God blessed the husbands with long life when their wives keep fast for them. The whole family of God Shiva is worshiped on this day by married women.

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Rituals and Traditions of Karwa Chauth

On a special day of Karwa Chauth, married women wake up very early in the morning, take bath and put on the new cloths. Before the sunrise, they eat the food called sargi which is prepared by their mother-in-laws. They have to eat only before sunrise because after sunrise till moonrise they can’t have anything.

After that, women keep the fast whole day. In the evening, all the ladies from home and society come together and exchange Karwa Chauth Pooja Thali with each other while singing the Karwa Chauth folk songs. This Pooja thali consists of cosmetic items, sweets, dry fruits and other Pooja related materials.

If someone is keeping the first time Karwa Chauth fast, then that woman gets so many gifts from both husband and her families. And, first Karwa Chauth is very special to every girl because on that day she gets wishes from family, friends and near and dear ones.

Gifts Giving Ritual

When a wife keeps the fast whole day for her husband, then husband appreciates this effort of his wife by giving her some Amazing Karwa Chauth Gifts. Also, she gets sargi gifts from her mother-in-law but also gives the return Karwa Chauth gifts to a mother-in-law. It is a wonderful tradition to cheer each other. Jewelry for Karwa Chauth, chocolates, flowers and others are some very thoughtful gifts for the Karwa Chauth occasion.

When moonrise, women see the moon with the sieve or in some place in India, they see the reflection of the moon on the water pot and take blessing from the moon for the longevity of their husbands. And, wives have sweets and water from their husband and break their fast.

After that, they enjoy a delicious meal with husbands and other family members. If you want to surprise your wife or mother-in-law, husband or daughter-in-law, then you can visit an online gifting portal called GiftaLove.com. Here you will get the Perfect Karwa Chauth Gifts for your special ones.