Knee Braces for Training, Yes or No?


    Have you ever used knee pads to train? Many of you will think that this accessory is used by people who have suffered some type of knee injury and need to provide safety to their workouts, but what about people who use them only for prevention? Are they doing well? Beyond this, does any knee brace available on the market serve your exercise purpose?

    I can tell you that bilateral hinged knee brace provided by Your Best Brace can strengthen your knees in any scenario, but let’s take a deeper look at what does knee pads do to your body.

    The Knee Pad, an Ally in Injury Recovery

    After an injury, rehabilitation work is essential to recover the mobility and functionality of the knee. Before worrying about lifting the weight that we could mobilize before, we should worry about seeing if the knee is capable of doing the job for which it was designed, that is, flexing and extending to put within our reach the ability to move, jump, run…

    In this sense, the work of proprioception and dynamic balance will be fundamental for you. I recommend you start mobilizing your own body in different situations and positions. Try to avoid conventional machines, except in the phase where you need to regain strength and still do not have the security to perform more functional exercises.

    Another option is to get yourself a good kneepad, which provides the security and firmness that your muscles are not able to provide you naturally and thus perform more interesting exercises that provide greater benefits. Such as squats, push-ups, and other exercises that you probably do regularly.

    There are many models of knee pads on the market. We have tested those provided by Your Best Brace and the conclusions are very positive. They do the function for which they were designed. They are comfortable, offer very large security and encourage moving more loads while making more complicated movements. If you are looking for that, these are your knee pads without a doubt.

    The good thing about these knee pads is that they favor the natural mobility of the knee by providing that extra support you need along with an increase in temperature in the knee region. Keep in mind that this kneepad has been specially designed for lovers of CrossFit and high-intensity exercises and as I said the feeling of firmness in the knee joint is very high.

    And If I Have Never Been Injured, Can I Use Them?

    As an addition to strengthening your legs, you can. In almost any exercise you practice you will notice a physical improvement wearing knee pads. Cyclists will travel more kilometers in less time, runners will not notice the impact of the footprint so directly and weightlifters will be able to make loads a little stronger.

    The problem? You may be losing strength in the muscles surrounding the knee, which is responsible for flexing and extending it in each movement. The body is quite wise and if you are touching your natural limit, do not decide to overdo it by camouflaging it with accessories.

    Remember that you will do yourself a disservice thinking that this way you will reduce your risk of injury, rather, you will increase it by weakening your muscles.

    Knee Pads Are like Electric Bicycles

    Before continuing I would like to give an example based on cycling. The knee pads are a state-of-the-art electric bicycle. If you offer them to a cyclist, he will be able to travel more km in less time and he will get less tired. A priori this is sensational but the knee pads do not always accompany us and the day you do not have them you will notice that you lack gas in the legs and everything you did more easily now costs more.

    If you need to use knee brace by prescription, go ahead. The ones that are widely recommended online are usually quite good in comfort and efficiency. But, if you are one of those who simply use knee pads as a precaution and have not suffered any injuries you should know that you can effectively lift more kg and execute certain movements that without the external contribution would be much harder.

    Also, you are doing a disservice to the musculature that covers your knee and is responsible for extending and flexing it. Remember that the best kneepad that exists in your muscles.

    In Conclusion:

    It is common to see runners and athletes who use the knee pads after having suffered an injury, but many wear them to prevent injuries. Is it an essential accessory for training or do we only get a placebo effect? The fact is that proper knee pad for your knees can both relieve you of pain and protect you from unfortunate injuries that happen so often.

    Consult a professional today if you are feeling any bad sensation coming from your knees and grab the perfect model for your needs that is going to be your faithful friend in many exercises to come.