Important Questions to Ask During and After an Initial Consultation with the Attorney 


After you have verified the quality of the jefferson city mo car accident attorney, schedule an initial consultation with the attorney. A few firms would charge a consultation fee to meet you, but most would work on no fee or obligation. 

As the accident cases are time-bound, consider looking for an attorney competent to work quickly on your request. 

Importance of an initial consultation 

The initial consultation with the attorney would be of great importance in deciding if you should hire the attorney or the law firm for your claim handling needs. Find below a few vital questions to inquire during the initial consultation to evaluate if a specific attorney would be ideal for your claim. 

  • Is it easy for you to get in touch with the attorney? 
  • Do they offer a few client references to comment on their reliability and skill set? 
  • Have they handled other cases similar to your claim? 
  • Who else from their office or firm would be working on your claim? 
  • How would they charge for the legal services offered? 
  • Is there anything to be paid out of your pocket in the beginning or at the end? 
  • If they lose the claim and no compensation is awarded, would they still charge you for their time and effort spent? 

Usually, attorneys would charge for their legal services on a contingency basis. It implies that you would be required to pay the attorney approximately 33% of what the attorney acquires from the insurance company during the settlement or through the court. 

What questions should you inquire yourself after the initial consultation is over 

Find below a list of questions that you should inquire yourself after you were over with the initial consultation. 

  • Was the car accident attorney paying attention to your case? 
  • Did the attorney explain legal topics in the language easier for you to understand? 
  • Are you impressed with the knowledge of the car accident attorney? 
  • Do you believe the attorney is competent to handle your specific accident claim? 
  • Is the attorney able to understand your medical injuries and offer referrals for the best medical care? 

You would like to hire a car accident attorney whom you believe in and were comfortable with during the initial consultation. They would be able to offer the best job for you. If you do not wish to hire an attorney or file a lawsuit, consider consulting a car accident attorney to seek an initial advice on the various steps you could take for immediately protecting yourself after a serious injury from an accident.