How You Can Get in Shape and Become a Lightsaber Master


Are you ready to master an elegant weapon from a more civilized age?

Whether you want to build up your health or you are looking to land the moves of your favorite on-screen Jedi, there is a path toward lightsaber mastery for you, young padawan. 

This quick guide will get you up-to-speed on everything from exercise 101 to the exciting world of lightsaber combat forms

Start Off Slowly

The greatest masters of the force didn’t begin their journeys with immense power. They all started from humble origins. 

Learning how to wield a lightsaber is a physical, as well as mental, discipline. Just like any other sport, you’re going to want to build your health up before you start swinging. 

The stunning moves we see our favorite Jedi use on the screen come from a core physical fitness and a willingness to work hard to master this iconic sci-fi weapon.  

Once you’ve got a good foundation, you can start with the basics. 

Learn the Basics

Before you jump into lightsaber combat, you should build up a good foundation. All of the flips, roles, and stunts you see in the movies are built off of real-world skills. 

While lightsaber combat may be a unique form of combat, the kicks and acrobatics you see are all rooted in martial arts and gymnastics. 

These basics can help you build up a good form that you can add lightsaber moves to. This is how the stars worked toward their stunts! 

Learning these moves early will help with your lightsaber combat later. 

Study Lightsaber Combat Forms

There are as many lightsaber combat forms as there are force users in the Star Wars universe.

As Star Wars grew and spread, so did lightsaber combat. From the emotive and simplistic fights in the original movies to the aerial flips and action stunts of today, you can find a style that suits you in Star Wars.

If you want to dig really deep, the expanded universe offers countless lightsaber combat techniques as well as different schools on how to best wield the lightsaber. 

If you’re ready to really jump into lightsaber combat, you can take a class. 

Take a Class

Lightsaber classes combine exciting workouts with Star Wars style. You’ll be learning how to wield a lightsaber while a fitness professional walks you through your workout. 

The path to becoming a lightsaber master is one that you can start walking today! 


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