How to Stop Someone from Picking Your Door Lock



Door locks are a prevalent way to secure your home. It’s a traditional way for your home’s security. Only some houses use advanced methods to secure their homes. But, those options can be expensive.

Hence, door locks are liked by majority of people. Now, the problem is – your door lock can be picked by a burglar.

In this modern world, you can be busy. It’s impossible for you to stay home all the time. Even, at night burglars can break your door lock. That’s why you need security measures that can stop burglars picking your door lock.

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So, How To Stop Someone from Picking Your Door Lock

  • Proper Lights

You should always install powerful lights around your house. You should never leave any dark corner.

In reality, burglars seek dark areas to enter into your premises. High amount of light can make them visible. So, it would become harder for them to enter into your house.

Moreover, lights won’t provide them with enough time to break your lock. It would be tough for them to break your lock quickly.

You can install LED lights with around 1000 lumens.

  • Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are highly advanced security measures. It has some powerful sensors. These sensors can detect any kind of activity.

Moreover, motion sensors can alert you about any type of activity. These motion sensors can be connected to light systems. As a result, whenever burglars come to pick your lock, the lights will focus on them. This will make them afraid and they will leave your house.

  • Security Cameras

Security cameras can be a perfect option to stop burglars picking your door lock.

The modern security cameras use advanced technologies to fight all types of burglaries. These cameras have ‘cloud control’ technology. This technology will enable you to control these cameras from anywhere of the world.

Moreover, the security cameras have smart alerts. So, you can know about any suspicious activity in your premises.

The outdoor security cameras are weatherproof. As a result, they can continue to protect your home for long time.

These security cameras can be connected to your smart phone. So, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to keep an eye on your house door. This the best feature of the modern security cameras.

  • Highly-Secure Locks

There are many types of locks available in the market. Traditional locks are not so secured. Burglars have already mastered to break these locks.

Hence, you need highly secured locks. These locks can be customized. As a result, you can have unique keys to open these locks.

Apart from that, these locks are built with strong and hardy materials. So, burglars may require long time to drill these locks.

  • Door Locks Without Keys

Keyless locks are highly secured. They have single cylinders or double cylinders.

Apart from that, these dead bolt locks can also be biometric. So, without the right password or your fingerprint, nobody can enter your house.

Dead bolt locks are getting popular for their security. These locks have burglar-proof systems. So, it would be quite hard for the burglars to break your door locks.

Apart from all these above facts, you should use strong materials to build your door. You can use metal or thick wood panels to make your doors.

Technology has changed the world. Hence, you can have many options to stop burglars picking your doors.

Some of the above options may be expensive. So, before choosing your security options, you should know about your budget.

Just choose any of the above options to stop someone picking your door locks and also can check at Get Lockers for more options.