How To Select Best Car Seat For Babies And Infants



Today cars have become an essential part of every family who has children; especially toddlers. It is nearly impossible to move around hold the children in the arms or even sitting in the car with a child on the lap. It is not practical and not safe either. has always suggested that it is best to procure and use a car seat that is meant to settle a baby or infant in it and then safeguard it with the seat belt. However, you have to know, which kind of car seat would best suit your need.

Types of Car Seats

There are multitude type of car seats that you can choose one for yourself. But first you must understand, which car seat best suits the need and would also be comfortable for your child.

  1. Car-Seat for Infant

Deemed as the most safe and finest kind of car seat meant for newborn is the one that is specifically built for the infants. This type is built to face backwards, while they have carriers which can be detached as well as mounted onto the base which stays put inside the vehicle. When moving out from the vehicle, this seat ca be detached by just a click and the entire seat with the child in it can be carried along effortlessly. These seats have five-point harnesses, which renders utmost safety, but can be only put to use when it is in rear-face position; which is also deemed to be extremely safe in a crash. Taking a stroller travel car seat is best option in this because it comes with both stroller as well as the base, thus, saving good money and space.

  1. Convertible Model

Equipped with the five-point harness setup as well as the rear-facing seating; this car-seat can adjust to be in a forward-facing position as well. Few of such models can accommodate a child from his/her birth till the child goes up to 45 pounds in weight. Some manufacturers also make convertible car-seats that has an allowable range of height from a minimum of 19” to a maximum of 53”. It has only one downside to it that it is not stroller compatible.

  1. Everything-In-One Model

It has all the features of convertible model and post harness-removal it works as a booster seat that has belt-position to it. It meets every need of a child from his/her birth to the time they are to get onto the booster-seat. It has longer seat-length and higher weight limit for rear-facing seat which is 40 Lbs. On the forward-facing position the weight limitations are 50 pounds to 65 pounds. It saves much money because it is a one-time purchase that will accommodate the seating needs for your growing child.

The above three categories will help you determine, which one is best for your current needs or if you wish to invest more for long-term usage. There are more options available in each category that should be explored before you finalized the one that you wish to buy.