How to Save Money The Easy Way Around the House


Home heating and cooling bills can get expensive, especially during seasons of higher usage. Fortunately, there are easy steps that you can take to save money around the house. Whether you are saving up for a summer vacation or a rainy day fund, these tips are sure to put a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Hang Your Laundry out to Dry

Image via Flickr by Orin Zebest

Using the sun to dry your clothes is not only free but it can also preserve the quality of your clothing for longer. Hanging a clothesline in a backyard space will cost you just a few dollars. You won’t have to run your dryer as often and it will be easier to cool the house during the summer months.

Use Alternative Heating Methods

Home heating costs are not only costly, but they are a necessity in many states. Sometimes, it is not an option to avoid the heat entirely. However, you can use alternative heating methods to comfortably heat your house. Natural fireplaces are affordable, especially if you already have access to firewood. Turning on your ceiling fans can also be a useful way to circulate heat to other parts of the home.

Spend Money to Save Money

Sometimes, spending money can actually help you save money. This rule applies to general household preventative maintenance. Keeping up with routine HVAC maintenance can keep your unit working efficiently. There is also less of chance that the unit will break down when you need it the most, requiring expensive repairs.

There are also some preventative maintenance things that you and your family can do to cut heating costs. HVAC experts recommend regularly changing or cleaning your air filters to improve the efficiency of your unit. Regular cleaning can also improve the air quality of your house.

Wash With Cold Water

You can also cut heat costs by washing gently worn clothing items with cold water. Many of the items that we wear are not actually dirty and a cold wash is sufficient enough. Additionally, when you wash clothing with cold water, the colors don’t bleed so you won’t have to spend as much time separating clothes before laundry day.

Close All Unused Doors

Paying to heat parts of the home that you do not regularly use doesn’t make sense. Closing off the doors of rooms and closets that you do not use can cut your home heating costs while also making the rooms you do frequent more comfortable. If there are parts of your home that you rarely use, consider closing the air vents.

Unplug Electronics

Most homeowners have gotten into the habit of leaving all technology plugged in, even when away from the home for a long period of time. Most Americans today own many electronics and unplugging these when not in use can save you up to $100 each year.

It is possible to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home without breaking the bank. Each of these tips will help you cut your home heating and cooling costs without sacrificing comfort.