How to Protect Your Drain from Rat Infestation


Rats simply love to inhabit drains and sewers.  These make an ideal environment for them to live due to abundance of food and water. Eventually they will explore the rest of the sewer system, looking for more food or other rats to mate. Rats are great swimmers and they can make their way to any drain pipes, and since their bodies are very flexible, they can squeeze themselves on tiny cracks and holes.

Since these pests are very unpleasant, we do not want them inside our homes.  But as they usually live and breed inside the sewer system, there is a high probability that they can make their way inside your house through your drain pipes.  We can detect their presence with these common signs:

  • Rat droppings found in your house
  • Small holes in the walls
  • Chewed paper, cables, plastic, and even furniture
  • Scratching noise inside the walls, ceilings or on the roof
  • Your pets inhibit unusual behaviour, like growling in the walls, or chasing after something
  • Foul, sewer-like smell that is not coming out from your drains

When you see these signs, then rodents have probably invaded your home.  But there are ways to prevent rats from entering your property through your drains:

  1. Avoid flushing food waste in your drains.

Since rats thrive in places with lots of food and water, you must keep from draining food waste, fats, or anything that may attract them to you.  If they don’t find anything in your drains, they will find someplace else to go.

  1. Check for holes, cracks or broken pipes.

Rats can easily squeeze their bodies into any cracks and holes.  If your drain pipes are broken, you are giving easy access for rats to enter into your property.  Make sure to have your pipes checked and repaired by an expert.  Close off any holes or small cracks with fillers so they can’t get through.

  1. Install a rodent barrier or rat flap.

A rodent barrier works by using a single flap that allows the rat to leave your drains but not go back up.  If they enter a pipe that is blocked, they will turn around and find an easier way to their next meal.  If you live in the area and you’re looking for legitimate plumbers Croydon wide, the suburb has a handful of them who can assist you in installing rodent barriers in your drain pipes.

  1. Hire a professional pest control and draining company

When you spot one rat in your home, it won’t take long for more to come.  So before this happens, you might want to call a professional pest control company to assist you in keeping these pests off your premises.

Rats can be harmful to your home and your family.  They chew in and destroy almost anything in sight, burrow inside sofas, walls, and make nests in everything they can squeeze in.  And since they come from the sewers, they carry diseases that may be very harmful to humans and pets.  Protecting your drain from rat infestation is extremely necessary to keep your home and your family safe.