How To Protect Your Car From Snow


Many people wait for winter so that they can finally see some snow. While it is pretty to look at, your car will not like the change in weather one bit. Depending on where you live, you can expect snow all season long, and you need to be prepared. Your vehicle can take on serious damage from snow even if you invest in the best front end covers car bras. Here are some tips for avoiding excessive car damage once winter rolls around.

Keep a Car Cover on It

An outdoor custom car cover will be a huge asset during the winter. When you get a cover custom-designed, it will fit perfectly over your vehicle so that snow does not touch it. When you are ready to take your car out again, you can easily remove the cover and get on the road. It is a huge asset.

Put a Towel on the Windshield

In the event you are somewhere without truck cab covers, you can still protect your car with some simple, everyday supplies. For example, you can place a towel over the windshield to deal with the excessive frost in the winter. That way if snow falls on your car, all you have to do is remove the towel and the snow that has accumulated on it will come off effortlessly. It is much easier than scraping the snow off directly from the glass, and you can get on the road much faster.

Wash and Wax Your Vehicle Regularly

Even if your car looks fairly clean, you still want to wash it routinely. One important reminder is that you want to use lukewarm water while washing your car in the winter instead of hot water. The extremes in temperatures could cause more harm than good. After you wash away all of the dust and debris, you can apply a wax, which will help your car’s paint job.

Blast the Air Conditioning 

During the winter, you may want to crank the heater as far as it goes as you drive around town. However, this will typically lead to the windows becoming foggy. There may be some snow on the glass, and this combination can seriously hamper your vision. To prevent this, you can turn on the air conditioner to take humidity out of the air. You can dress in layers to not be overly uncomfortable while you do this.

Have Kitty Litter Handy

It sounds weird, but having a bag of kitty litter in your car can help immensely. You should place kitty litter inside a stocking and place it in your car overnight. The substance will absorb all the water in the air and keep the fog away from your windshield. That way when you get inside your vehicle first thing in the morning, you can actually see through the glass. Kitty litter is also a huge benefit if your car ends up stuck in the snow.

With some simple steps, you will not have any problems driving in the winter. Just purchase the right car covers, and half the battle will already be over.