How to Move Your Router to Another Room?


If you are planning to move your router to a new room, you need to have access tothe internet signals in that room. However, if you are unable to access the internet in another room, get in touch with your internet provider to fix the issue. In case, the internet-related problems persist, then you should consider switching to a different provider.

Once you get an active internet connection in your room, you can easily move your router by plugging it into a power outlet and connecting it to the active line.

The steps to move your router are as follows:

Step One: Get an Internet Line

You need to have a networking cable to establish an internet connection to the new room. For fiber internet, you will need fiber optic, whereas cable users need a coaxial cable line. Similarly, DSL requires a phone line.

Check Your Existing Line

If you already have a connection in your room, check if it is active or not. Connect your router and modem to your existing line to see if it goes online. If your modem goes online, it means that your internet line is active. However, if it doesn’t go online, it’s time for you to activate the line. Since the process can be complicated and potentially dangerous, it is best to seek help from a professional. Contact your ISP to activate your line and they will send a technician to do the job.

How to Install a New Internet Line?

You can install a new line on your own, but it is better to call your ISP to do it for you. Most providers charge a minimal fee to install a line. In addition, they can also check your network’s integrity to ensure a seamless connection.

You can install cabling in two different ways:

  • Run your cable through the walls to enter your new room through an outlet. This process is called wall fishing and it may cost a few extra dollars. But, if you want this, let your ISP know while booking an appointment.
  • Another way to install cabling is to enter the cable from the outside of your house or the new room by drilling a hole in the wall. This way, you can pass the cable through your baseboards without making them look untidy.

How to Install a Standalone Router?

If you want to install your standalone router in a room that is different from where you have placed your modem, the best way is to move both your router and modem to the new room.

It is ideal to keep your router and modem in the same room. But, if you don’t have an active connection in your preferred room, call your ISP to install a networking cable (phone line or coaxial cable) to the room where you want it. On the other hand, if you can’t install a phone line or coaxial cable in the new room, move your router by installing an Ethernet cable in that room.

Step Two: Move Your Router and Modem

Now that your new internet line is active, you can move your router/modem to the new room. Since a router needs a modem to work, you need to move both of them. If you have set up your new line through an ISP tech, ask them to complete this step.

Step 1: Connect your modem or gateway to the phone line (for DSL) or coaxial cable (for cable).

Step 2: Use an Ethernet cable to connect your router to the modem. Your router has multiple Ethernet ports, so ensure that you use the port labeled WAN.

Step 3:Connect the power cables to your router and modem and wait a few minutes to let your devices boot up before connecting to the internet.

Step Three: Test Your Connection

Use an online internet speed test tool to check the performance of your new internet connection.

Step Four: Close off All Unused Coaxial Cable Lines

Avoid leaving your old lines open. Unused, open cable ports are likely to interfere with signals, causing interruptions to your home network. This could also lead to other issues, such as disconnection and slow speeds, which may bring in a lot of interference to the network.

For best results, ask your ISP to send in a professional technician for assistance. It may require a coaxial terminator and even a coaxial barrel connector to close off all unused coaxial ports. You will also need a barrel connector to terminate an open cable.

Closing Thoughts

Moving your router to a new room is a simple process. By following the above-mentioned steps, you don’t have to worry about slowdowns or disconnections while moving your router. However, if your internet doesn’t work well after moving your router to another room, it’s time for you to get connected to Suddenlink Internet. If you are looking for alternatives to repositioning your router, call servicio al cliente de Suddenlink and they will offer quick and easy solutions to get just as fast internet connection without moving your equipment to the new room.