How to Keep Your Gym Bag Germ-Free? – Explained


There is no one left today who do not go to the gym. While rushing to the gym, they carry lots of stuff in their Best Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment. If we talk about gym bags, they are versatile, cute, and stylish. But they could be the cause behind the trouble you are facing. It’s not just the gym gear that is the worst thing here, chances are your gym bag is loaded with ample of those small creatures known as germs. From your gym suit to your yoga mat, and also water bottle.Here are six things that might require a scrub or two.BestGymBag has the essential information that how can you safeguard your bag from germs.

Sweaty gym clothes and damp swimsuits: We often do this mistake unknowingly. Whenever we are done with our workout, roll up those wet gym clothes or keep that sweaty suit in our bag and just forget about it. Here is a great tip; before you leave the locker room door, remember to keep your sweaty clothes in a plastic bag. Then strive to make it your habit of instantly taking them out of your bag when you reach home. This is the easiest way to prevent germs from getting multiply (washing them in warm water is helpful as well!)

Your shower shoes: Most probably, people wear flip-flops to keep their feet germ-free and unappealing athlete’s foot. Germ stays off your feet, but possibly not in terms of your gym bag! Make one compartment spare to keep your shoes separately and ensure that you clean them frequently. To make your task easy, simply rinse your plastic flip-flops in the dishwasher!

Your water bottle: Your water bottle is the only thing that you must keep with you while doing your complete workout, keeping your bottle on the treadmill. The situation becomes worse if you open the cap of the bottle with your hands! The solution to your problem is the screw top or squirt bottle and after every use, rinse your bottle twice.

That once spotless yoga mat: You likely bring your own yoga mat to class to abstain from obtaining one. In any case, is that any better? Possibly, however, yours is as yet filled with sweat that sticks around until your next practice. Stop this by setting a towel over your mat before class and cleaning down your mat when you return home.

Your used-to-be fresh snack: Keep in mind that the snacks you kept in your bag to save you from reaching for those chips? If you can’t, it might yet be placed in your gym bag… no longer familiar. It is mostly those healthy snacks such as a banana that if not taken instantly, then it may turn worse. Dig a litter deeper and check twice whether there is something left in pockets.

The gym bag itself: We have talked about certain things that we keep in the gym bag, but do you know the gym bag itself is dirty! The reason behind this includes keeping the bag on the bathroom floor, hangs out in lockers, and wherever you take it with you. Prevent the increase in the count of bacteria by making it a point to daily empty your bag and wash it.

Think about this right tip: Carry a small spray bottle of tea tree infused water to place it in your gym bag so you can spray as well as wipe your gym essentials instantly after use.

It is important to keep your bag smell fresh as vital as it is to keep yourself fresh. Applying these easy tips will work wonders. This is what I do with my Best Crossfit Gym Bag, now it’s your turn.