How to Keep Your Bed Clean and Fresh


People want to come home to clean, fresh beds. Do you want the same as well? Find out how you can keep your bed spic and span.

After a whole day of school, work, or household duties, it’s much better to get into a clean bed instead of a dirty one. More than that, an unclean bed is a notorious source for illness-causing germs. If you want to keep it clean and organized, here are some habits that you need to start taking up:

  1. Change out of your outside clothes

Bed bugs don’t magically appear in your bed. If you ask bed bug control services in Salt Lake City, they will most likely tell you the same thing: bed bugs can come from any place. Airports, public transportation, hotels, clothing stores, restaurants — there is always a chance of bed bugs being present in all of these places.

Naturally, if you don’t want these hitchhiking bugs to transfer to your bed, never lay on it without changing out of your outside clothes. Apart from avoiding bed bugs, this habit will also prevent dirt, viruses, and other bacteria from getting in your bed.

  1. Change your bedding frequently

Make it a habit to change your sheets, bedcovers, and pillowcases at least once a week. If you leave your beddings on for more than that, the accumulation of dirt and debris can make your bed feeling icky and dirty. Not to mention, we shed a lot. You can rest better without more than a week’s worth of dead skin cells and hair in your bed.

  1. Don’t eat or drink on the bed

Never eat or drink in your bed, unless you want to attract all sorts of pests to the place where you sleep. If you also happen to spill food or drinks on your bed, it can also leave you with troublesome stains to wash out.

  1. Avoid putting stuff on your bed

Don’t use your bed as a storage area, especially for items that have been outside. Not only does this habit make your bed messy, but it can also transfer germs on your sheets without you knowing.

  1. Vacuum your bed

At least once every six months, deep clean your mattress by vacuuming both sides thoroughly. Doing this will help get rid of excess dirt, crumbs, and debris that has accumulated on your mattress and leave you with a cleaner, more hygienic bed.

  1. Clean your feet

Don’t walk around the house in bare feet if you plan to get into your bed without washing them. If you don’t like wearing slippers, at least wash your feet or use wipes to clean them before getting into bed.

  1. Keep pets off

No matter how much we love our pets, there’s no denying that they can get so much dirt and germs in our beds. As much as possible, keep your pets off it or only allow them on top of the duvet. nd where especially your dogs exhibit kennel cough, ensure to
administer urgent kennel cough treatment according to your vet