How to Find the Best Electrician and Plumber Near You


There are hundreds of Electrician Perth and plumbers to choose from, and even in your neighbourhood there is no shortage of choices.  But not all of them can live up to your expectations. Some may even turn out to be a nightmare.

A lot of customers would make decisions about the price and availability, thinking that they are all the same. Remember, it is your home and your family’s well-being that is at stake.  So before you make a decision you might later regret, turn up that investigator in you and do some research so you will be able to filter your candidates and find the best electrician and plumber that you can rely on.


While it is always good to ask from our families, friends, and neighbours about recommendations, it is also a good idea to personally check out the feedback, ratings, and references of your prospective plumber or electrician. It is because people face different plumbing and electrical problems in their homes and have different personal preferences.

While some may work well for your neighbour, they might not be good enough for you.  Profile the company or the person and look for key notes such as:

  • Is he very professional in his work? Does he answer all questions and is very efficient in his tasks?  Does he come on schedule?
  • How is the company’s safety record?
  • Who are their clients?
  • How is their after service? Do they provide warranty?

The longer they are in business, the more knowledge, skills and experiences they gain. It is always a great consideration to hire from a company who has been in the business for quite some time.  Of course, we do not discriminate against those who are new in the business, but those who have been here for quite a while have definitely earned the trust and approval of a lot of clients.


The best electrician or plumber in town can offer you different kinds of services that suit your needs. Check out the list of services the company can provide, it should be broad and comprehensive. When you have found the kind of service that you currently need, discuss your electrician’s expertise and make sure that he has enough experience and is well-equipped to do the job.


A legitimate professional electrician and plumber are licensed, and most of them are insured. It is a guarantee that they have undergone proper and extensive training and acquired the right skills, knowledge and experience in doing the job.  Insurances are assurances that when accidents happen while servicing, the electrician or plumber is covered, so you won’t have to worry about guilt-spending for damages.


Always check for negative feedback.  This is common no matter how good the company is.  There will always be that one customer who is not satisfied and will leave a bad review.  But if the negative feedback of customers has a pattern, then you must take it as a red flag.  Especially if it involves their efficiency and the way they service their clients.

When you have already crossed these on your list and have trimmed down your choices, you may now proceed in getting a quote and work with one who can meet your budget.  Always remember, when picking out the best ones, never take shortcuts.