How to Effectively Handle Canadian Customs?


If you are an importer or an exporter, you would know how difficult it is to handle the Canadian customs process. One must have an in-depth business understanding in order to get various aspects right. Without enough knowledge, handling import fees, duty rates, and the entire transit process will become extremely difficult. To any untrained eye, the process might seem pretty simple and easy in the beginning, but there is a lot going on behind it. 

Here are some tips that will help you handle it better.

Ensure you have a business number

If you are dealing in import and export and do not have a business number to proceed with, you might land yourself in troubles. You will not be able to deal with Canadian customs in the first place. This number will be preliminarily used by the CBSA or Canada Border Service Agency to process all your important documents. Without this number, you might also be delayed unnecessarily.

Understand the Canadian customs duty rates

Understanding the duty rates of Canada takes a pretty long time, and you need to check them thoroughly to ensure that you are in profit. You must check if you are going to sell to your customers directly or you will be exporting them in return; you need to calculate the end profit amounts through these duty rates. Check the tariff classification to know what duties you need to be paying exactly when dealing with the customs.

Know the import bans

Import bans are always changing, and the CBSA is constantly modifying them. Multiple new products hit the market every other day, and there must be enough laws for deciding if they are right for the Canadian market. If you are an importer, you must know in detail about the goods that are banned, at least in your industry. This will help you avoid any unnecessary hassles once your shipment arrives at the port.

Know how long the process will take

Not every good entering the premises of Canada will be cleared quickly and at once. There might be cases where the inspectors will be thoroughly analyzing the packages and the clearance might take 20 minutes to multiple days. knows its tasks and responsibilities so once you hire them as your customs broker, you can be rest assured about your timely clearance. Without a doubt, an experienced broker can take the burden off your shoulders.