How To Claim Car Insurance Online 

An emergency on the road can arise at any time. Nobody can foresee how a natural or man-made calamity can damage your motor vehicle. Nobody can anticipate a break-in or a burglary. What a person can do is protect themselves and their car with a comprehensive and third-party insurance policy. Buying a car insurance policy is very easy, and claiming settlement is easier.

Here are possible situations where you need to claim car insurance and how to make that claim online.

Making a claim after an accident 

You can claim car insurance if you have had an accident while driving your car. If you have a third-party car insurance, you can also make a claim to pay for any property damage caused due to the accident involving your car.

Claiming for damages due to man-made or natural calamity 

You can claim if your car is damaged due to any natural disasters like storms, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes etc. You can also claim if your car is damaged due to a man-made clarity including riots, strikes, acts of terrorism etc.

Making a claim in case of theft

You can submit a request for a claim if your car is stolen or you are a victim of burglary during a break-in situation.

Making a claim after a personal injury

You can make a claim to pay for injuries sustained by the policyholder during a car accident. An add-on cover (if purchased) can also cover the medical expenses of passengers in the car. A third-party insurance claim third-party insurance claim can be made to cover the expenses of people who were not present in the car but were injured in the accident. For instance, pedestrians, surrounding vehicle owners etc.

Making a claim 

To make a claim with your car insurance provider, you need to ensure the following checklist is covered 

  • Inform your insurer of the accident immediately. The faster you act on this, the better because your claim is unlikely to be processed if you submit a claim request after a few weeks. You can inform your insurer by logging into their web portal or mobile app using your registration or policy name and submitting a claim request.
  • Once the insurer has your car insurance claim request, you will be asked to fill up a detailed claims form. It is always recommended to share itemised value of each repair expense.
  • The insurance company will deploy a licensed surveyor to take note of the extent of damage to your car. Once this survey is complete, the surveyor will share their notes with the insurance provider.
  • Once the notes are shared and your claim is deemed fit to move forward, the insurer will release your payout or directly pay the garage conducting repairs on your car.


  • Do not forget to file an FIR (First Information Report) with the nearest police station in case the accident involves damages to a third party.

Now that you know how an insurance claim process works make sure your insurance papers are up to date and that your premium is paid on time. This helps you enjoy a hassle-free and convenient claims process.