How to choose the best car cover?


The car cover offered by the automotive industry is designed to protect the car against rain, hail, sun, dust, snow, bird droppings , pine resin, etc. They are currently made from quality materials. In this article we show you how you can easily choose the best tarp for protecting your car.

Importance of a car cover 

Of course, the protective covers for car in the garage and the outdoor protective covers are excellent. They are one of the best hail protection measures, but they can protect your car from influences, depending on where you park your vehicle. Naturally, we know that during the year it will rain for several days. Although rain does not directly damage the car, after several years of rain, between a car under protection and one that is not, some differences are clearly noted. With regard to other external influences, cars are damaged by the impact of gravel. These stones raised by the wind or caused by the passage of other cars. If your car is parked on the side of a busy road, you will notice, over time, micro scratches caused by these stones. Likewise, if you park a car near a tree, it is possible that a branch or tree resin will fall and affect the car. Visit for more varieties of car covers.

The car bodies have a thickness of about one millimeter and withstand various types of damage. But modern automotive production concepts have a completely different construction philosophy. The firmness of the body is supported by the frame and the front and rear parts which are deformable to better absorb the impact. Today, it is more important to protect pedestrians for this, the bodywork must therefore be flexible enough to absorb the impact of the body, extremities and head as much as possible. Consequently, the thickness of the sheet is reduced to several tens of millimeters. This increases exposure to damage from ice, frost and hail in particular. When such damage occurs, many wonder what to do. Yes, the car can continue to drive, but the prolonged effect of dents caused by hail results in the spread of rust.

We advise you especially when the hail shines, to avoid blankets or any other blanket, offering partial protection or almost, especially in case of strong gusts of wind. Fortunately, there are many protective covers for cars such as the plancha cover which offer additional protection to vehicles. The best shade is of course a garage, but if you don’t have one, a waterproof and breathable cover is also useful. Waterproof covers protect from dust, ice, snow, sunlight, resin, biological remains, smog and gravel. The car protective cover is an excellent prevention against unusual weather conditions and UV rays. Soft, it covers the entire surface and protects the surfaces of your car from gravel scratches and other sources of damage. Some of them have a place for a registration number to write so that you can easily recognize your car. The new materials used in the manufacture of outdoor car covers keep all precipitation outside, protecting you in all weathers.

Which tarpaulin size to choose?

You have probably wondered what is the right size of the car cover for your vehicle. We therefore give you several tips to help you find the size of the tarpaulin you need. Today’s waterproof car covers are really all the sizes you would need. Manufacturers have made sure to cover the dimensions of the exterior and interior covers, ranging from size xl for small cars to sizes L and M for medium and large vehicles. To ensure the normal size of your car cover, we recommend that you measure your car from the front to the rear bumper to obtain the approximate size and length.

Here are some examples by size corresponding to each brand of car:

Size 1: maximum length: 160 inches, BMW Z3, ​​Mazda Miata, Pontiac Solstice, MG…

Size 2: maximum length: 170 inches; Porsche Boxster, Nissan 350Z, Nissan 370Z…

Size 3: up to 180 inches in length; Honda Civic, Chevrolet Cobalt, Mercedes Class C, BMW Series 3, Nissan Versa, Toyota Corolla…

Size 4: length up to 190 inches; Honda Accord, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes Class E, Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Malibu…

Size 45: up to 200 inches in length; Buick Leasable, Jaguar XJ series, Maserati Quattro Porte, Ford five hundred. For BMW X3, Audi Q5, Peugeot 3008, Chevrolet Trax or KIA Shortage vehicles, we recommend that you choose the SUV M (Medium) car cover . You can find them for models such as Chrysler, Ferrari, jeep, Dacia Logan, lance, scooter, limousine, caravan, Jet ski, camper, cabriolets, land rover, sander, Dacia sander, audit tat, cabriolet, dodge, lotus and others.

Many automotive offer apart from the car tarpaulins, custom car mats for collector cars , the covers , the boot carpet , the protection accessories for seat covers, accessories and spare parts, visor – car breeze, and others. Some of them even make delivery included. Made with properly placed elastic straps, the car cover is very easy to place. However, if the car is covered for a long time, we recommend that you leave it in the open area at least every 15 days so that a certain amount of air circulates under the car cover, or even remove the cover. completely for a short time. The new waterproof car covers are delivered in a new bag. To cover the entire vehicle, they are available in different sizes. Some waterproof covers are designed to complement the larger spaces for your side mirrors, so that everything can be well protected. We advise you to place the car cover when the vehicle is completely dry in order to avoid traces on the bodywork after its removal.