How Should You Choose An Ice Maker For Commercial Use

All food service enterprises across the globe today require ice to store their food or prepare delicacies. Thus, the requirement of one of the best commercial ice maker cannot be ignored. However, since there are multiple styles and configurations in the ice maker available, it becomes essential to first comprehend the differences and utility; so to finally select the one that you really need.

Types of Ice Makers

The commercial ice makers typically come under four varieties;

  1. Modular – Such machines make a huge volume of ice. It is advised that these be used with another ice storage and dispensing machine. These machines are usually available in widths of 48”, 30” and 22”, while they are made to sit atop as well as supply the ice to a soda dispenser, ice-machine dispenser or ice-machine bin. The output of such machines ranges anywhere from a standard 250 lbs. each day to over and above 1000 lbs. each day.
  2. Undercounter – The advantage with these machines for making ice is that they come with storage bin as well as fit under the majority of counters that are 40” high. These are ideal for small businesses, café, or bars which do not require a large volume of ice every day. These machines can make nearly 350 lbs. of ice each day.
  3. Countertop – These ice-machines have a small-size bin for ice-storage, but they can still make nearly 400 lbs. of ice each day. This feature makes it a formidable ice-machine. Most of the health care centres have such type of machines because few machines come fitted for dispensing water as well.
  4. Combination Machines – Now these are the true blend of both solid & liquid requirements. These machines are not just meant to dispense ice, but also water. They are fitted mostly in healthcare centres, break-rooms, cafeterias, offices. They may make up to 500 lbs. ice every day. They can fit on any kind of countertop.

Variety of Ice

Now, one has to understand the variety of ice that the commercial ice-machines make. Because this will aid in the selection of the right machine as per the requirement of the business.

  1. Cubes – This is used the most and hence it is in demand the most in almost all the commercial businesses since it melts a bit slower in comparison to other types of ice. Furthermore, it saves money as well since it potentially reduces the ice consumption by the customer as it melts slowly. This variety of ice comes in regular, half and full cube size.
  2. Nuggets – Mostly known as chewblets. It is common in healthcare centres. It melts slowly as well as it is soft and easy to chew in comparison to the cubes. They are considered best for making blended drinks, cold beverages and smoothies.
  3. Flakes – This kind of ice is exclusively utilized in the ice display that showcases chilled salads or meats, but they can be used in making blended drinks too. The flake machines make soft and small ice flakes which cool quickly as well as a mold into any kind of shape that a user wants.

The above two criteria happen to be the primary ones in making a sound purchase decision.