How safe is buying jewelry online

The short answer to this question is 100% provided you shop on reputable websites. Now to answer this question in full, we have to look at various factors.

One thing is certain. Buying jewelry online is extremely convenient and you can grab massive discounts and buy it at your own pace. Also, instead of being shown only a certain collection, you can sort the entire collection based on your needs.

Which brings us back to whether buying jewelry online is safe or not.

Here are 5 things you should look out for:

  1. Transparency

If you have any qualms about the website or the details listed there, abort. If you look up gold earring designs with weight and price and you’re unable to find the actual price or the weight, then the site is not worth the trouble.

Look for review posted online about the website or inquire among family and friends that might have shopped there.

  1. Secure

If the site’s URL is not in HTTPS format, don’t buy from that website. But if the site has an HTTPS format, is upfront about all the cookies and has a nice and breezy experience till the payments page, rest assured, your purchase is 100% secure.

  1. Try at home service

Most major websites also offer a try at home service where you can order the product and try it at home. Let’s say you have a wedding coming up and you have ordered diamond rings for women. If you are unsatisfied with the size or the quality of the product, you can return the product with no questions asked.

  1. Authenticity

SGL and IGI perform stringent quality checks on jewelry being sold online. If you’re still in doubt, look for BIS hallmarked jewelry especially when it comes to gold and silver. The jewelry website will display each and every authenticity certificate that they have obtained.

  1. Flexible payment options

An authorized website will offer you the option to choose from any one of the flexible payment options i.e. debit card, cash on delivery, no-cost EMI, credit card, PayPal or card on delivery. If the website explicitly asks for online payment only and doesn’t have a secure payment page, don’t make the purchase.

  1. Return and refund policy

For some reason if you feel the product is not up to the mark or doesn’t fulfil your needs, you should be able to easily return it. Look at the return and refund policy of the website to ensure that you will be able to do so. If there is no such policy, do not purchase from that website.

To sum up, look for an authentic website with a large number of reviews and variety of products that has a reasonable return and refund policy and is secure.