How Marketing Automation Can Scale Your Medspa Business


Building a med spa business requires a lot of effort, and as either an owner or a manager you are compelled to learn the skills to manage each and every administrative aspect of your business. The process of juggling between the plethora of administrative requires you to be able to think on your feet. Thus, irrespective of the fact that whether you’re an old hand or a newbie in the trade, you have to be agile and flexible to ascertain the newest trends and tools in the industry and if necessary, adapt those to improve your business metrics. A medical spa software is one such tool, which since inception has been transforming the way the beauty and wellness industry works. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of deploying a med spa software is that it streamlines each and every process including marketing and helps you increase the client count and improve client experience. Read along to know how intelligent and automated marketing can help you reap benefits.

The Power of CRM

Perhaps one of the underrated benefits of a med spa software is its comprehensive customer database module. It is the foundation on which your entire customer relationship management (CRM) program runs.The CRM module compiles customer information across website, apps, live chat, social networks, emails, telephones etc to create a rich pool of potential leads, their inquiries, their questions, buying preferences etc. Compiling as much information manually is a non-starter. Furthermore, it is prone to human errors, oversight etc. The software captures the data without any errors and presents them in simple useable manner.Sales and marketing team use the information from the database to ascertain what sells and what doesn’t and then tailor makes the marketing campaigns to turn leads into clients.

Deploy Digital Marketing

The world has changed its ways of gathering information. Instead of reading information over print, people now seek information through the web. With online activity increasing leaps and bounds, it is important for any business to have an online presence. Digital marketing is the tool that helps you create your online presence. While it’s a vast subject on its own, in brief digital marketing involves multiple techniques such as content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing and consistent branding etc. A med spa software helps you in managing much of your digital marketing requirements, especially email marketing, social media marketing, branding, and content marketing. By helping you achieve consistency in your marketing program it helps turn leads into clients. To cite an example, interactive emails sent as either a weekly or a fortnightly newsletter, is known to be 10 times more effective than a general broadcast email.  Using email marketing in tandem with your social media posts can help you target particular client groups. In order to know more about how digital marketing can help you gain clients we recommend reading our post on “4 Tips to Increase Your Medical Spa Client Base”

Leverage Data Analytics

Data analytics is a great tool. In other words, its is intelligence being run on a constant stream of information to better understand the market demand and dynamics. A medical spa software is equipped to run deep data analytics on the customer data base and to understand what products and services are popular, which services are generating higher revenues.  Based on the results you can change your offerings. As the software also provides a platform to the clients to provide post treatment feedback, data analytics can be run on the reviews to understand where your business needs to improve. In order to make the interaction more personal, you can also program your software to send a note to the client that their feedback or suggestion has been appreciated and is being reasonably implemented. A personal touch to the communication makes all the difference and can be easily achieved in just a few clicks.

Some of the popular medical spa software such as Zenoti, AestheticsPro, BePos, MindBody etc. provide a one stop solution to meet all automation needs. Zenoti’s medical spa software is a superior product, which is comes with a highly interactive and customizable interface. With its highly intuitive and data driven analysis it helps you better understand your client’s profile.The software can be easily scaled to meet the growing needs of your business andworks beautifully to help your business achieve high performance.