Maintaining a comfortable temperature is a tough task in this extreme climate, especially when you think about the effect of the electricity bill. Choosing the right ceiling fan for your decor can help you to keep the space cool. Even warm in winter, surprised? In this article we will enlighten you with the facts. So let us read on.

Weather Resistant

An outdoor fan can withstand rough weather without damaging itself. Fan city is one of them. The intense outdoor fans are made with such materials specifically for this climate which helps to relax while you enjoy at the deck of the house. They can be situated in the living room and patio to decks. 

Heat buster in summer opposite in winter.

As mentioned earlier an appropriate fan can prevent the heat, and in winter helps to keep warm, How? Let me tell you. If you change the setting of your spinning direction of the fan

to counterclockwise instead of anticlockwise motion. The clockwise movement of blades moves air up to the corners. Then the air travelled down to the floor and centre again creating a circular motion. This movement helps to distribute all the heated air equally throughout your room.


Wide Range

Nowadays, fans are not limited in styles. Some provide the latest collections of  fans fitted with lights, giving your interiors a classic edge or a modern touch. Contemporary fans, retro design fans, Classic colonial fans are some of their variations. You can choose from these varieties which suits your decor and voilà! Your house now looks so much better. Another way of making your house a beautiful home!


Fans that are superior in quality serves a vital purpose. Now, for your space, if you spend a heavy amount on renovating but failed to set a gorgeous fan in your place. You won’t be doing justice to your room. A better-quality fan brings not only high tech performance but only looks better in your space.


One of the main benefits of fans is that they are energy saver. Many energy-efficient ceiling fans are approved by a trusted organisation, and are designed to meet energy-efficiency guidelines. Instead, the fan cools the stagnant air molecules in it. The costs are way less than an air cooler, making the room much comfortable and eco-friendly. The power consumption of a blower is also lower than an air conditioner which again will reduce your electric bill.



An appropriate ceiling fan can make people compliment your unique style. Choose different styles, it can be traditional fans for your bronze wood finish of your room or tropical fans with blades resembling banana leaves. Sounds too creative, right? Fan with illuminating feature can contribute more to your dull space. Many ventilating fans includes smart features, like adjusting the light intensity for a different purpose. For instance, if you want to read at night, dim the lights perfect, right!

Closing Thought

We both agree on this fact that a small thing makes a room more attractive, be it a vase or showpiece. But we underestimate the role played by ceiling fans. A rusty inefficient fan can bring one step down to making your room more beautiful. So take a look in our website Fanscity, we can assure that you will be thrilled!