How Are Shipping Containers Made


Shipping containers are used by thousands of companies every single day. From transferring large cargo to ensuring it stays safe, these containers are very important to any business. If one of these containers go missing or if you lose precious cargo, your company could see thousands of dollars go down the drain. That being said, while it’s vital to have your shipping containers transferred properly by a reliable freight service, it’s also important to have these containers build with strong, dependable materials. But with how large and powerful these containers are, it is curious to think how they’re constructed. In this post, we’ll dive into how these large shipping containers are made and how this construction leads to effective cargo transport.

Steps of Construction

Each step in the construction of these containers is very important to how the final product turns out. If something goes wrong in any of the steps, you could have a faulty product. See below for how these containers are made:

  • The first step starts with a big roll of steel that’s unrolled and cut into separate pieces. This is completed in large factories with sophisticated equipment.
  • The sheets are sandblasted and primed to remove dirt, rust, and other debris.
  • The sheets are then corrugated for strengthening.
  • Roof panels and floor braces are constructed separately, and the sheet wall panels are then welded together.
  • Square tubing is then welded to the very top of the walls.
  • The frame of the floor is constructed with floor panels.
  • Door assembly is then installed, which is constructed separately.
  • After that, the wall panels are installed.
  • The wall panels, door assembly, and corner posts are then welded.
  • The roof panel is then placed and welded together.
  • Further priming is completed, and painting is the next step.
  • Frames made out of wood are varnished and used for flooring.
  • After the frames are installed, a drill is used for making holes to attach flooring panels.
  • The watertight doors are then installed with the use of rubber seals.
  • The bottom is then made waterproof and a water tightness test is then carried out.
  • The final inspection is made to check for water tightness, strength, and more.

Given this lengthy process and large amount of materials used, these containers run for a few thousand dollars each. But given the importance of these storage containers, they’re worth every penny. When traveling thousands of miles, it’s vital to keep your cargo safe and dry.

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