How a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help You


Sometimes, for people sinking under huge debt that they are unable to pay, the only way to get out of harassment and hazards is to file for bankruptcy. Once the bankruptcy case is over, it gives a great sense of relief to many people. Filing a bankruptcy lawsuit and the process that follows involves trickiness and it may take you some time to understand the details.

That’s why involving a bankruptcy lawyer in Toledo in your case sounds like a sensible idea. The lawyer will offer not only legal advice but also deal with all the necessary paperwork. The following are the most common types of services expected of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

Competent Service

Not a single bankruptcy case is easy though all of them are not complicated. Whatever the level of complexity involved, a reputed lawyer has the necessary skill to handle every aspect of your case. The difficulty of any bankruptcy case depends on the following factors:

  • The facts
  • If you have filed for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7
  • If the bankruptcy trustee will put your proper on sale
  • If you run a small business
  • Involvement of bankruptcy lawsuit

The best way to make sure that the lawyer fits your bill is to ask the professional if he/she has successfully represented the clients in similar cases.

Sound Legal Advice

The kind of service that will be provided by your lawyer is explicitly mentioned in the retainer agreement. This agreement is actually a contract signed by you and your lawyer. Your lawyer will offer competent advice and guidance throughout the bankruptcy case.

Any good bankruptcy lawyer will tell his/her clients if filing for bankruptcy will be the best option for them. If that is the case, you should also enquire:

  • If Chapter 13, Chapter 7 or other types will work in your favor for meeting your financial goals
  • What your expectation is during the bankruptcy process
  • If any specific risk or difficulty is involved in your case

It is not surprising that many people have questions about the bankruptcy process. In such a case, you can expect your lawyer to respond promptly to your emails or calls.

Preparing & Filing Your Paperwork

You need to fill up a lengthy packet of forms to file for bankruptcy. Nearly all bankruptcy lawyers use specialized software to prepare and file their clients’ bankruptcy paperwork with the court.

You’re required to provide your lawyer with details about your finance, including assets, debt, income, and expenses. The attorney will use it to complete official forms and then show you the paperwork to ensure that everything is accurate.

You may have to provide additional documents or forms with the trustee or the court. Your lawyer will prepare everything very quickly as missing the deadline will invite some serious consequences:

  • Delayed process
  • Case dismissed
  • Other adverse outcomes

Due to these reasons, the bankruptcy lawyer makes sure to know the filing procedures and local rules.

Representing Clients at Hearings

After the bankruptcy is filed, it is mandatory for the debtors to attend a hearing. Depending on your bankruptcy case, you may be required to attend additional hearings. It is your lawyer’s responsibility to represent you in every hearing that is mandatory for you to attend.