H1: Things to Consider Before Investing in a Motel


There are many things to consider before investing in a motel, including which motel accountants you will use. For detailed criteria of other things you need to think about, read on below.

Past Performance

Before investing in a motel, you need to be sure of its past performance. How many rooms are booked per night on average? This detail will provide a sense of how the business is going, and whether you will need to make improvements to make more profit. Often in investing, people say that past performance is not indicative of future performance, but in the case of motels, the opposite is true. It would be quite out of the ordinary for a well performing motel to suddenly tank, or a poorly performing motel to suddenly perform better, unless a fundamental change was made. For this reason, taking note of the past performance of a motel is a smart move.

Motel Condition

What does the motel look like? Is it in a good condition, or are there repairs that need to be made immediately? This will take a drain on your finances, so talk to your Clayton accountants to find out what might be tax deductable before you make a commitment to buy. Any motel that needs a lot of work will soak up your money before offering any return on investment. These things need to be taken into account. It doesn’t matter if you’ve fallen in love with a shabby chic hotel by the sea – you need to keep your wits about you when considering an investment and talk to your tax agents in Clayton about the tax implications.


When you visit the site of your proposed motel investment, you need to scope out the area and find out if there’s much competition. If the motel is in an area with many other motels, how will it stand out from the rest and attract customers? Can it differentiate itself by offering additional services or an elegant bistro dining area? Be aware that a business that looks just like the rest is unlikely to do well. You need to find a way for your motel to be the preferred choice in the area. If you can’t do that, then it’s likely that your business will fail to thrive.

Assessing Value

You’re not just buying a motel for Christmas – you’re buying it for the foreseeable future. This means that you need to take a long-term view of the value of the motel. What can you do to enhance its value over time? Are there any superficial renovations that could be done to improve the motel’s aesthetic appeal? Could you add more rooms or improve the amenities of the existing rooms? Could you add in an on-site restaurant with well-priced, good quality food for the masses? With a little bit of imagination plus some advice from your motel accountants, you can improve the value of your investment.

The Right Advice

When you dive into a new industry for an investment purpose, it’s vital to have the right advice at hand. That’s why you need motel business accounting services to ensure you’re meeting your operating and tax obligations. Don’t skimp when it comes to good business advice – always invest in your investment by ensuring all the numbers add up. Get the best motel accountants you can afford, and they’ll look after you in return.