Grow Rooms Need Fans All Year Round 


With winter nearly here many new hydroponic growers will be thinking that it is time to put their fans away, however it is important that they don’t! Hydroponic setups actually require grow fans such as Can Fans all year round; no matter what temperatures may be like outside. Fans can assist growing environments in a variety of ways, helping to stop a number of problems from occurring.

Just some of the ways that they can help include:

  • Fans can help air to circulate around grow rooms
  • They can remove excess heat and reduce at hot spots
  • Fans can control humidity levels
  • Fans can prevent pests and diseases from becoming present in growing environments
  • Fans can be used to control Co2 levels

Let’s look at each of these in slightly more detail:


When growing plants outside regardless of temperature they no doubt at some point encounter wind. This wind often changed height and direction, and changes constantly. It is important for this environment to be recreated when growing inside and fans can replicate wind exactly, especially when high quality and modern options are chosen.

Heat Reduction

One of the downsides of grow tents and indoor growing setups is that they often gather heat in small areas, often where grow lights are, which can of course be detrimental to grows. Fans can be used to ensure that no areas within grow tents get to hot and that growing environments can boast consistent and healthy temperatures throughout.


When plants release water vapor humidity levels can be increased and this can be dangerous – When humidity levels are not properly controlled growing conditions can decline and plants can even die. To ensure the best humidity levels can be present it is important to ensure growing environments have good quality ventilation systems in place – These can help to take away some of the water released during transpiration.

Pests and Diseases

Pests and diseases can be incredibly harmful to hydroponic grows and it is important for growers to do all that they can to stop them from coming. A carbon filter is vital to the prevention of pests and diseases and hydroponic fans can be used to stop many pests and diseases from coming including but not limited to mould, mildew, spider mites and fungus gnats.


Fans and air ventilation systems should be used in hydroponics setups to bring in fresh air and to remove old air from grow rooms.