Get jobs in UAE –a basic guideline


UAE is famous for business and tourism. But the constant man flow to UAE is always due to the huge opportunities there. The youth from many countries aims UAE or Dubai as their main target for their job hunting. Though many of them do get a well deserving job there, some other category of people always finds it difficult. They get a job with a low salary or may be unsatisfied with the current jobs. They may be wondering why UAE is known to be the paradise of job hunters. But the reality is that UAE always generates lots of vacancies and it is time to change the job hunting g tactics with a modified option.

Finding the dream jobs

If the applicants are searching for the jobs aptly, they can meet up with their intended job. After doing researches in the classified jobs in UAE, one can start preparing for their job. As the UAE market is getting saturated in jobs day by day, proper research on the field only can help you to make your goal. Most of the well-built companies prefer candidates in the following order.

  • Local candidates
  • European candidates
  • Western candidates
  • Asian candidates
  • Others

The highly experienced candidates with good skill in a particular firm will have good chances. The demand for Asian candidates is getting reduced day by day at the same time the supply is on the higher end. If you are planning a job in UAE, start applying 3 to 4 weeks before coming to the place, as many companies got a screening period of 2 to 3 weeks. By doing this one can avoid the unnecessary delay in visa processing and all.

Know the method of applying

Like in any country, in UAE also the job application will be easy if you understand the proper way of doing it. As a usual practice, an individual prefers only one CV to many jobs and it is not advisable. According to the job nature and requirement, you should showcase your different experiences. Highlight your important skills in the CV. You can make focused CVs for your job hunting. And another most important thing is that never send a CV without a cover letter. In that, you can mention your visa status and expiry dates. In this way apply for all jobs matching to your area. You can use the references to secure your jobs.

Complete the profiles in job websites

You may find it annoying to fill the lengthy fields in the classified jobs in UAE websites. But it is a must be followed practice as we can’t assume which factor will go striking for the recruiters.Filling up the whole genuine details in the specified fields will increase the potential job opportunities. Keep checking on the most relevant career pages for the latest openings in UAE.


Job hunting in the UAE is not as easy as in olden times. Doing proper research and following a strict guideline you can open up the immense opportunities and make you grab the best one.