Frequently Asked Questions for a Leather Pouf


Q1. What is leather pouf? 

Ans- A pouf is better understood as handmade leather hassock. It is crafted with soft leather. It is one of the decorative pieces to be placed in a living room, a children’s room, etc.

Q2. Is a leather pouf handmade stuff?

Ans- Yes, a leather pouf is handmade stuff by specially skilled craftsmen. Best poufs come from Morrocco.

Q3. What is a leather pouf made of?

Ans- A leather pouf is made of hand-sorted goat hide leather. The leather used is pre-tested for perfection and checked on quality parameters. Being made of natural resources, it is completely free of chemicals. It is colored with natural dyes. 

Q4. Are the materials eco-friendly?

Ans- As all the raw material comes from natural resources, it tends to be eco-friendly. Starting from the fabrication process till the stitching and filling of pouf, every step is free of chemicals. This can be recycled easily. 

Q5. Do these have a smell when new?

Ans- Sometimes, it may have a smell similar to that of new leather. As leather is obtained from the hide of animals, it tends to carry a smell when new, which gradually fades with usage. 

Q6. What is a leather pouf stuffed with?

Ans- A leather pouf is stuffed with cotton blend filling, which adds to its longevity. Sometimes it is stuffed with polystyrene balls, old clothes, coconut husk, etc.

Q7. How much weight can a leather pouf tolerate?

Ans- A good quality pouf can tolerate a mole amount of weight for longer hours. A strong man of more than 6 feet height can sit on it for any length of time. The pouf retains its shape and seams. The credit goes to the stuffing inside the pouf.

Q8. Does it need to be oiled regularly?

Ans- Oiling the leather is not exactly required. But you can oil it after few months to retain the shine. It is suggested to use mink oil. You may ask the dealer for any kind of leather treatment oil or polish. Make sure to oil the pouf keeping it away from the carpet, so as to avoid any spoilage of the same. 

Q9. Is the top of a pouf flat, to balance a tray?

Ans- Not necessarily is the top of the pouf flat. It can be slightly curved. But certain poufs have a stiff, flat surface to balance a tray of tea or snacks.

Q10. What is the difference between an ottoman and a pouf?

Ans- As a rule of thumb, if a pouf has visible legs, then it is an ottoman. On the contrary, if a pouf does not have visible legs, it is known as a pouf.

Q11. What are the other names of a pouf?

Ans- Other names of a pouf are zafu or floor pillow (as it is legless and seems to be like a pillow kept on the floor).

Q12. How can a pouf be used?

Ans- A pouf can be used as an extra sitting stool, a footrest stool, a coffee or side table ( if the top is flat). It can also be used as a decorative piece placed on a floor. 

Q13. What to see before buying a leather pouf?

Ans- All you need to see before buying a leather pouf is:-

  • Purpose- The purpose for which you want to buy a pouf, may it be just extra seating, a coffee table or a footrest stool.
  • See the space at your place- Measure the dimensions of the place where you want to keep the    pouf and purchase accordingly.
  • Texture- Ensure that the leather used is genuine. 
  • Filling- Ask for the type of filling.
  • Budget- Identify your budget and spend accordingly. 
  • Check the seams