Football is back!


Finally, fans are welcome back into the football stadiums again. Football has its identity back, fans have their lives back and players have their beloved atmosphere back. During covid the television replaced the stadium view, the smell of coffee replaced the smell of beer and partners, housemates and kids replaced the mates. And now, slowly but steady, fans are allowed back in the stadiums again all around the world.

As it should be
You might have seen the images of fans enjoying the first goals again, it was like the first day of spring. It is almost as if a goal doesn’t really count when there are no fans to see it in real-life. But obviously loads of goals have been scored during the last 1,5 years, assists were given, bookings were collected and so on, and so on. All statistics that are key to the outcome of a game, but not just for that. Those statistics are also important to keep a Fantasy Football League running or to help predict the outcome of matches for betting purposes. And this doesn’t change a bit now the fans are allowed back.

Using the data
So now we’ve listed several reasons for people to collect and use the data it’s time for some more technical talk. Think of algorithms, whiz kids and APIs. Since football is such a big sport and big business it’s no surprise people have come up with an algorithm to collect and share all the important data. These so called APIs can be connected to your website where the data will automatically be shown. For instance the livescores of football games or the probability of a team winning the match. Think of the possibilities!

The right API for you
Of course there are several APIs to choose from, but not all of them are good or are a good fit for your purpose. If you host a Fantasy Football League it’s important to get all the data about goal scorers and assists for instance and a good livescore tracker is good to have too. To get more specific, you only want the data for your league, whether it is the Premier League, the Bundesliga or the third tier in Danish football for that matter. So be sure to get the right API for your website!

Get to know more
If you’re looking for a good Football API, Sportmonks might be the right fit for you. They have loads of interesting data from over 1200 different football leagues all around the world. Check out their website to get to know more and see if it is useful for you. You can even try it out for 14 days, to be absolutely sure!