Five Characteristics of a High-Quality Solvent Trap

The solvent trap is one of the essential accessories to maintaining the health of a firearm. When used correctly, a solvent trap connects to the barrel of a firearm to receive cleaning solvent as it flows out of the firearm’s barrel. A high-quality solvent trap will save you unnecessary troubles and expenditures since you do not have to double-spend to maintain your firearm.

What are the properties of a high-quality rifle solvent trap, though?

Modular design – The modular design is the total of the sub-parts that make up a system. As mentioned earlier, a solvent trap is a combination of smaller parts that make up the whole device. Some of these parts include tubes, storage cups, threaded and sealed end caps, adapters and boosters, etc. The modular design needs to be the perfect one for your firearm. Otherwise, you might end up buying other parts to make sure it works efficiently.

High-grade material – A high-quality rifle solvent trap is a durable one. The durability of a solvent trap is directly proportional to the material it is made from. Most solvent traps are forged with titanium, carbon steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Titanium stands out because of its peculiar properties such as durability, lightweight, and rust resistance.

Type of finish – This is another important factor to consider before choosing a rifle solvent trap. In addition to the material the solvent trap is made from, the type of finish on the material can also add to the lifespan of the kit. A hard coat anodized finish similar to what is attainable in aircraft is incredibly corrosion-proof. The presence of oxygen and moisture accelerate the corrosion and rust process. Hence, the wrong type of finish can reduce the lifespan of the solvent just as the right one improves it.

Versatility – If you own multiple firearms, it would be counterproductive to own different solvent traps for each one. Instead, a solvent trap that can do a job with different firearms would be the perfect option in this case. In addition, extra accessories such as adapters and boosters enhance solvent trap versatility. In their absence, you have just another solvent trap without any special powers.

Availability – This should not be mistaken for popularity, even though there are some parallels. Availability is the ease at which you can replace lost or damaged parts on your rifle’s solvent trap. For example, if one of the ‘incredibly durable’ parts of your solvent gets missing or damaged, it would help to replace these parts easily. Otherwise, you might have to replace the entire kit because of one missing part.

You cannot do without a solvent trap for your firearm. However, finding high-quality solvent traps can be tricky, especially when you don’t know where to look. has an impressive catalog of high-quality solvent traps and parts that fit your budget waiting for you. The 24/7 customer care service is also available to help you if you still don’t know what you want.