Features to Look for While Buying a Gaming Mouse


If you love playing games on your laptop or your desktop, then having the right Razer gaming mouse is vital. It helps you in controlling the game and playing it much more efficiently. But nowadays you would find different gaming mouse online and in stores as well. 

It could, therefore, sometimes get frustrating regarding what you should go for. Different manufacturers would provide you with different features and models and types. But one problem would be the mouse that would be great for your friend might not be the right one for you. And thus here are some guiding tips to help you choose the right gaming mouse. 

Laser Versus Optical: 

The mouse and its heart lie in the sensor which comes in three different types- laser, optical and infrared. The laser sensor you could go for as it would be able to work on all kinds of surfaces and have a higher lift-off distance as well. Also, you could go for laser ones as the laser mouse reads the surface accurately thus helping you play the game efficiently.

Also, with the latest developments, many professional gamers are now going for 3D infrared which reduces the problems with the lift-off distance. And it also works on various surfaces without any hassle.  

Wireless or Wired: 

This is often sometimes a decision that is quite confusing. If you do not want a messy table, then going for this wireless Razer gaming mouse would be a great idea. It would cause no tangles of wires on your tables. But sometimes their power to delay a signal could be delayed which you would most of the time would not observe in wired ones. 

They rely on radio waves, the wireless ones. But if you are looking for the fastest response, then going for a corded one would be a far better idea. Some wireless mouse comes with rechargeable batteries while for others you have to always keep spare batteries handy. 

But again if you want a mouse that would be light in weight, wireless would be a great option. With the latest technology of Razer gaming mouse, you get the usage of both.   

Left or Right Handed: 

If you are a left-handed gamer, then sometimes you might have limited choices to choose from. Most of the models are made keeping in mind the benefit that would be gained by the right-handed gamers. A right-handed mouse would have better buttons and higher DPI, which you would sometime not find in left-handed ones. 

Claw or Palm Creep: 

There are generally two methods by which most of the gamers hold the mouse. The first one would be the claw grip by which the gamer holds it with the tips of the fingers and almost lifts it across the surface of the mouse mat.

And another one would be the palm grip. In this, the mouse is pushed along the mouse mat, and this method is more suitable for a bigger mouse.   

Thus, these are some of the ways by which you would be able to ensure that you are getting the right gaming mouse for your comfort while playing.