Factors That can Affect your Personal Injury Claim


Back injuries can make even simple tasks extremely painful. Often, they cause lingering discomfort and limitations that can last forever. And the long-term costs of treating and living with a back injury usually result in massive medical debt while the victim can’t go to work and are unable to provide for their families. 

If you have a back injury caused by the negligence of another person, you have legal rights to seek compensation for damages. To discuss the specific details of your back injury, contact a Tullahoma injury attorney for a free case evaluation. Your attorney will determine the worth of your injury by considering several factors including the following:

Severity of Your Back Injury

In general, more serious back injuries will result in more medical and non-medical expenses. Also, it can force to take time off work for a while and suffer from pain and even diminished quality of life. Thus, the severity of your injury correlates to the amount of monetary compensation you will recover.

Medical Care Cost

Back injuries can cost thousands of dollars. The seriousness of your injury impacts the cost you will incur. But, even identical injuries may cost different amounts to treat depending on the local costs of medical treatment, your location, and the quality of the treatment. Such factors will impact the tally of medical costs you can claim. 

Secondary Health Complications

It is not uncommon for back injuries to result in other health complications. For instance, you may struggle to get quality sleep or withdraw from physical activity because of your back injury. A lack of sleep and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to different health issues including coronary disease and diabetes. You may depend on prescription medications, resulting in overdose and addictions. Also, your chronic pain can affect you emotionally causing you to suffer from depression and other mental health disturbances. 

Back injury claims can be challenging to prove. To make sure you get every penny your claim is worth, you must hire an attorney who will take your back injuries seriously, has a good track record of success representing back injury sufferers, understand the medical science behind back pain, and help related parties understand it in simple language. Your lawyer will investigate your injury to connect it to secondary health conditions and can defend you against the wrath of attorneys hired by insurance companies. And should your case go to court, your lawyer will give you good legal representation.