Everything you should know about Direct Mail Marketing to make Profits in business

Do you think opting for Direct Mail Marketing is a sensible decision?

Do businesses still post direct mails to their consumers? 

No? Why would someone go for an outdated method in such a highly digital world? Right?

Here are some interesting stats of 2019 that might change your lookout:

  1. 42.2% direct mail recipients read the mail they get.

  2. People who receive direct mail are more likely to purchase 28% extra items, and they do spend 28% more money than the people who don’t receive a direct mail at all.

  3. Direct mail extracts a 29% higher ROI.

  4. 41% of all the Americans tend to read all the direct mail they receive each day.

  5. Last but not least, 73% of Americans readily admit that they prefer being contacted via direct mains rather than emails because they can read it anytime. 

Sounds Shocking? 

Even in this advanced digital era, Direct Mail Marketing plays a major role in the pushing of sales and ROI. 

But it is very inconvenient for the businesses to craft so many customized mails for their consumers periodically and post it to them. It consumes a lot of time and money to deliver such Direct Mails. 

What do Businesses do?

Some Direct Mail Marketing companies take up this headache for you and assist you in pushing up the sales and CR. They take such Direct Mail Marketing orders from businesses and keep posting Direct Mails to all their present, past, and potential customers on a fixed periodic basis. 

Are such services available in Ohio?

There are quality services available for Direct Mail Marketing in Cleveland. They also offer Direct Mail Printing services, Promotional Marketing services and other products for mail printing and postage. 

Such Direct Mail Marketing teams are open to post customized direct mails to all the potential and other customers to generate a better impact on sales. 

They offer many kinds of Direct Mail Marketing Services, such as:

  1. Targeted Direct Mail Marketing: It is a kind of Direct Mail Marketing where the most relevant and sorted audience is targeted who might actually be very interested in your services. 

For example, if your business is related to kitchen and home appliances, then your target audience is the homeowners in their mid-thirties.

This kind of market segmentation is done to recognize and target the relevant audience who might actually buy the products and contribute towards the inclination of your business sales.

  1. Personalized Mail: This kind of Direct Mail Marketing is quite tough yet effective where personalized mails are created for the customers. 

For example, Your name on the mail would seem better to you rather than “Dear customer”. Also, the products and services of your shopping interests included in the mail may prompt you to buy them more rather than putting up a standard range of products.

  1. EDDM Marketing: EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail Marketing where a postcard is sent to all the local neighboring on the new opening, sale, offers, new location opening, which keeps your customers updated about your business plans. 

For example, you have planned on special discounts and offers, and you want your customers to know about it – EDDM would be the best idea to share your business updates with them. 

Why choose Direct Mail Marketing?

  1. Such Direct Mail Marketing techniques fit very well with the Digital Marketing strategies. This is because a smart marketing person would not just repeat facebook ads, rather run Instagram ads, other platforms ads and go with Direct Mail Marketing too. A variety of marketing enables you to reach a wide range of businesses easily.

  2. Also, using Direct Mail Marketing shall make you unique and special because there has been a continuous substantial decrease in mail marketing since 2016 and consistent use of it shall help your business uplift itself on an easy go.

  3. It also creates a feeling of romanticism – just think of it. How would you feel if someone sends you a handwritten letter? Pretty special?

Your customers feel the same. Stats show that 73% of people still prefer receiving Direct Mails as the advertising method.

  1. Its tangibility is a big positive factor for marketing. Imagine this – you receive a 10% off coupon code for a nearby pub. Most probably, you’ll take it and keep it somewhere safe or stick it on your refrigerator. For the next few days, you might forget about it, but then when someone invites to you hang out – you’d prefer that particular pub because you own that coupon. Therefore, tangibility is a big plus point for direct mails.

  2. A way to all age groups: Technology is on a big groove, but there are still a group of people who don’t own smartphones or use them much. For example, the age group of 60+ is still deprived of technology, and direct mails can widen your scope to reach a larger number of people. Isn’t it?

Let me ask you again. 

Do you think opting for Direct Mail Marketing is a sensible decision?

Yes? Why wait?

Reach out to the top Direct Mail Marketing Company in Cleveland today!