Event Wi-Fi Hotspot Best Practices 


Event Wi-Fi is one of the things that is mostly asked in the terms of personal events, corporate meetings, as well as such parties where a bunch of people want to make Vlogs, broadcast it for fun. But, when it comes to such abundance where people want to have to use your Wi-Fi, it comes to such existence where you are going to face the bandwidth failure, and by the term bandwidth failure; it means that you are to get the glitches, the speed issues when several devices get to connect themselves with one ISP (Internet Service Provider).

When organizing for an event Wi-Fi, you should consider setting up multiple access points on a single network to boost the coverage. While it is a difficult task, the good news is, you don’t have to do it yourself. You can hire Trade Show internet to help your plan for the best way to deploy the Wi-Fi hotspot for you. 

But if you want to do it by yourself, here are practices you should follow to ensure you successfully set up a functional event Wi-Fi hotspot.


  • Survey the venue 


You want to make sure you mount your access points on suitable locations without any form of interruptions. And to do this, you must conduct a wireless survey of the location.

The survey will also help you understand how to configure your APS to provide reliable and fast Wi-Fi performance.


  • Use WLAN Controllers 


Wireless access point controller (WLAN) is an integratedWi-Fi management system that manages various access points in a location. 

There are different types of wireless controllers with different abilities. For example, a cloud-based controller is capable of controlling multiple access points in more than one location. Another type of controller is one that is live in the access point.

Whichever one you go for, it is up to you. The wireless controller will help you keep tabs with your network performance and usage. 


  • Select the right access point location 


An ideal access point location can be arrived at by conducting a site survey. The best places to mount the access points are where the Wi-Fi will be heavily used. 

In the old days, the access point was placed in the center of every room, but this method was favoring coverage over capacity, something that has since changed. 


  • Consider outdoor access points 


If your event location involves both outdoors and indoors settings, you should consider placing an outside wireless access point to meet the needs of your outdoor attendees.

Trade Show Internet can conduct a wireless site survey for if you want specialists on board to help with your event Wi-Fi planning.