Essential Skills You Need To Master for a Career in Data Analytics

Deriving actionable insights out of data has become a key growth strategy for almost all businesses. Most of the companies today are investing in data analytics to improve their decision making. And so is the increase in demand for talented individuals in this field. Whether you want to enter into manufacturing, health care, marketing, or B2B commerce, data analytics has got applications in all fields.

However, to ace your career in this field while staying competitive you need to have some essential skills. To find out what skills you need to succeed as a data analyst read below.

Top seven must-have skills for data analysts 

SQL: SQL is one of the most essential skills that data analysts need to have. Every organization needs an individual with knowledge of SQL for the purpose of managing, storing, and relating multiple databases. Moreover, a SQL professional may also be required to create or change database structures. Even if you are from a non-technical background and want to work with big data, learning SQL is an ideal option.

Microsoft Excel: Learning Excel may sound easy but in reality, this tool has got a lot under its hood. It integrates advanced data analysis capabilities. Using high-end Excel functions like Macros or VBA, you carry out quick analytics of complex data. While if you are working in a startup, it is likely your database maybe Excel.

Statistical Programming: To work as a data analyst, you need to master any one of the statistical programming languages which include SQL, Python, and R. These languages are used for performing advanced level analysis and predictive analysis on humongous data sets. All those functions that are hard to perform using Excel can be accomplished using these languages that too with 10x times faster speed.

Data Visualization: To succeed as an analyst, you should be able to convey your finding in a compelling manner. You should have good presentation skills to showcase your data through high-quality charts and graphs. This helps you engage the audience and present your outputs in a clear and concise manner. However, to ensure this you need to learn Tableau visualization software. It is an industry-level analytic tool with an easy and user-friendly interface.

Critical Thinking: This is one of the most essential skills that good analysts need to have. Above all technical skills, you need to think like an analyst. You should be able to unveil and synthesize connections that may be otherwise difficult to understand.

Develop Your Data Skills

Knowing which skills you need to excel in analytics will help you advance your career as a data analytic. However, if you are wondering how to find the right guidance and master these skills, then enroll at a reputed institution for online data analytics courses. These special programs are designed by experienced professionals in the field and aim to equip students with a combination of skills needed to succeed in the field of data analytics.