Ducted Split Systems – What Are They & How Do They Work?


One of the most popular ways of heating and cooling your home or office is to use ducted split systems in Melbourne. If you’re working on a new build, ducted systems are perfect, giving you the chance to install all the ducting necessary to move warm and cool air around your building. Ducts are simply contained passages that allow for the movement of air through them in order to funnel air into certain spaces. 

Ducted split systems boast the benefits of both split systems and ducted heating and cooling in one. You get the easy interface of split systems, but instead of only being installed in a single room, ducting is used to distribute the air to multiple rooms. There are various benefits of using ducting to move air around spaces. While conventional split systems are usually used for only one room, ducting can move air around a whole house. Conversely, with ducted split systems, you’re able to change the temperature of any room up or down independently of other rooms when you opt for zoning. 

Ducted split systems operate in a similar way to general ducted air conditioners, in that air is cooled or heated in a centralised unit. This air is then moved around to different spaces as per your instructions and preferences. 

The Advantages of Ducted Split Systems 

There are multiple advantages to ducted split systems in Melbourne, such as: 

All in One Heating and Cooling Solution 

When you want absolute control over the temperature of your home, you need an all in one heating and cooling solution rather than having separate heating and cooling apparatuses in your house. It can be fiddly to try to get the temperature right and nowhere near as exact compared to ducted split systems. Ducted systems are proven to be the most appropriate when trying to cool or heat a whole home, and now you have the convenience of temperature control at the touch of a button. It doesn’t matter what’s happening outside; you’ll be able to stay cool or cosy as per your desire. 


Ducted Split systems in Melbourne aren’t only highly effective at heating and cooling your home, but they’re also completely unobtrusive when it comes to your home’s aesthetics. This means that you can design your home’s look without having to compromise on appearances when it comes to the heating or cooling unit. In times gone by, heating and cooling units in homes were ugly things that drew attention to themselves in the worst possible way. But you don’t have to put up with that anymore – with ducted split systems in Melbourne, you can enjoy the best heating and cooling for your home with great placement and subtlety. 

Exact Temperature Control

When you opt for a ducted split system, you’re opening yourself to a world of convenience. Not only do you get all the benefits of ducted heating and cooling, but you get it at the press of a button. This means that you can heat and cool your entire home and even change the temperature of different rooms independently of each other with zoning. That solves those common problems in households where one person is never cool enough and another person is never warm enough. Ducted split systems in Melbourne can also be used to turn off zones in the home that aren’t being used, thereby saving you money on energy bills.