Double The Fun: 4 Reasons Why Travelling With A Buddy Is Great


Most people prefer going on trips alone. They’d rather see and experience new cultures by themselves, which is sometimes beneficial for those going solo. However, it’s double the fun when you travel in pairs, especially if you are writing and recording every particular moment you encounter on your tours. Indeed, one of the best travel tips is traveling with a buddy.

You’ll get to share everything. Your food, your space, your laughs, and your experiences. When you come back home from your travels together, you’ll be astounded at the faces and reactions of everyone who’ll get to hear stories from both of you. Here are more reasons why traveling with a buddy is a good idea.

Three’s A Crowd

There are certain situations where three people is a crowd. Three people traveling together is too much. Being in pairs is the best. When you spend trips in three’s, there’s going to be more opinions and suggestions that you need to take note of as compared to traveling in pairs. 

Sometimes, people argue and waste a whole day planning where to go, what to eat, where to sleep, etc. However, when traveling in pairs, you get to weigh in just two options. Moving from place to place becomes much easier and more hassle-free because there are less baggage and clutter. 

Saves A Lot More Money

When traveling alone, sometimes you’ll notice that there are situations that you feel cheated when you buy food or rent space. You’ll feel that you paid too much for a room good for two. Avoid that feeling by traveling together with your friend. At least you can split the bill in half. The same goes for food and other expenses during the trip. Traveling with a buddy certainly eases the expenses.

Writing about the Experience

When you’re a blogger or a writer, one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation is to write about your experience. Instead of just snapping photos and posting them to social media sites, why not write and use these pictures for a much better chance at attracting a following? It’s a good idea when traveling with a friend. 

Getting to know each other better

Whether you’re traveling with an old friend or a whole new person, spending time together on trips and journeys can get both of you to know each other much better. A bit of a disclaimer here: only go out on travels with a person you completely trust. With trust issues in observance, you can safely enjoy your travels without any hitch.

You get to share the same bed, eat the same food, and experience everything together. If you’re already best friends with each other, then you’ll discover more about each of yourselves. If not, then a bond with the person you’re traveling with will inevitably happen. 


Traveling alone is surely a tedious feat for some. To avoid this, try traveling in pairs. That way, you get to experience a lot more fun being with someone. Traveling with a buddy is also cost-effective, and you can also get to know each other better. 

The fun is even double or triple when your friend is a travel blogger. He or she will get to take photos of you and the places you’ve been and post it online for a wider audience. There, they’ll get to enjoy the sights and sounds through your videos, photos, and write-ups. Try experiencing new cultures together; you’ll find that it’s more exciting that way.