Different Types of Mowers You Need to Maintain a Golf Course

If you are an avid player of golf or you visit the golf course with a friend, you can’t keep yourself getting impressed by the soothing view of green, smooth grass. Have you wondered how they maintain that expanded land? Maintaining a golf course is much more challenging than the maintenance of a cricket pitch or football stadium. Every foot of the course has to be managed under expert supervision. Thanks to the golf course mowers and equipment that provide a smooth land for the best-golfing experience.

Types of Golf Course Mowers

To keep the grass maintained, different equipment and machines are used according to the kind of grass. The fundamental element of golf, grass varies from area to area of the course. The meadows on fairways, greens, tee areas and rough, must be kept maintained correctly for a smooth game. A certain height of the grass, which is about 1/8th of an inch from the surface, is ideal. Must be free of weed and firm.

We provide a wide range of used turf equipment for sale. From golf cart to vacuum blowers and also you will find golf mowers for sale to fulfill the need for course maintenance. But focusing on them, which is the essential equipment, see what is in the list and how does it work for a specific type of golf grass.

Fairway Mowers

As fairways are moved from 0.38 to 0.45 inches in summers, and the height increases a little bit in fall, fairway mowers maintain the desired hueight equally on the turf. These mowers are manufactured in a way to mow fairways on the perfect length, making the course smooth according to the season.

Green and Tee Mowers

Greens and Tees need specialized Mowers to cut close, providing a smooth surface without damaging the turf. Tees areas can be well maintained with triplex mowers that cut 3/8 to ½ inches desired cut.

Rough Mowers

Roughs also vary the height like fairways. It is from 1.0 to 1.25 inches in the summer, and up to 2 inches, it is mowed in the fall.  When the height is that much, grass can get weed, saplings, and small bushes. To clear the turf from unwanted herbs, rough mowers chop up the lawn, maintaining a particular height, and removing all the clutter from it.

Rotary Mowers

Rotary mowers are better performers on the higher mowing heights. This machine has very sharp horizontal blades, which evenly cut grass and filter twigs easily from the turf.

Surround Mowers

Surround mowers help when you need productivity on the course. Though Tee mowers also work for the surroundings, but they will not give the perfect chop to them.

Riding Mowers

As a vast area has to be maintained in the golf course, riding mowers are preferable for it. Balancing and cleaning the turf from unwanted overgrown grass is easy with riding greens mowers. This machine takes less human power and covers the maximum area in minimum time, and its cutting width is more significant than walking movers, so it cut more grass in a single turn. Preferable for flatlands and low slops and also able to cut thick grass.

Walking Mowers

It is easy to maneuver and convenient to take in small areas. Works well on the grounds where it is hard for a riding mower to reach. It provides a precise cut where the grass is getting irregular on the turf. Walking mower works well on steep slopes with customized height.

Why Prefer Used Turf Equipment?

Turf equipment is not inexpensive. When it is about the maintenance of a large area, it costs more than the calculations. Search used turf equipment for sale and buy the heavy machines on low-cost with good functioning ability.