Common Types of Construction Site Accidents


Working at construction sites is accompanied by high risk. Statistics show that construction site accidents account for 18% of on-job fatalities. Construction sites are surrounded by machinery, tools, and building materials which could be hazardous to the workers. Also, the fact that people work at height makes construction a risky job. Harsh weather too increases the risk factor of working at a construction site. If you sustain injuries in the line of duty, you can file a claim with the help of attorneys who serve the injured. There are different types of accidents that a construction worker may find himself in.

  1. Falling from high heights

The higher the building, the higher the risk for construction workers. Falls are usually the leading cause of construction site deaths. Scaffolds are temporary structures and are generally not appropriately constructed. There is also often very little space left for the workers, which increases the risk of falls. Unprotected sides and walls are yet another thing to blame for falls. A worker will also quickly lose balance if a scaffold is shaky from not being tightened properly.

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  1. Slips

 While most falls result from working at heights, some happen on the ground level. These occur when the construction worker walks on an uneven, wet, or muddy ground. Such falls may not necessarily cause death. They, however, lead to injuries like sprains and twisted ankles. Depending on the impact of the fall, severe injuries like muscle tear and fractures may occur. To prevent such accidents, the floors should be kept clear of water and walkways should be made. Proper lighting on the steps and stairs will also go a long way in preventing slips and falls.

  1. Electrocution

Electrocution is among the most common hazards at construction sites. The accidents are usually related to overhead power lines. If the ladders are in contact with the overhead power lines, there is a risk of getting electrocuted. If this happens in heights, the worker will not only get injuries from the high voltage, but he or she is also very likely to fall. Unmaintained extension cords are also a cause for many accidents at construction sites. If the worker comes into contact with exposed wires, that’s the least that could happen. Defective equipment has wiring issues, and they will not waste a minute in electrocuting a worker. Equipment at construction sites should, therefore, be inspected to prevent danger.

  1. Falling debris

This is the reason why construction workers are always advised to wear helmets while on site. It is not uncommon for building materials, beams, and tools to fall from higher levels. If there are workers below, they are likely to be struck.

 If you get injured while working on a construction site, the employer can compensate you through insurance. In cases where there are no such arrangements, you are advised to file a claim with the help of an attorney. Prevention is better than cure, and you should ensure that you take the necessary safety precautions to prevent injuries.