Choosing the Best Social Media Tools for Your Brand


Social media has transformed the way businesses market themselves online. Numerous platforms have emerged to change the way people communicate, and these changes have impacted the way brands promote their message and how their consumers respond. These new platforms bring about a number of new tools that enable social media marketers to engross their audiences in innovative and creative ways as well as track their efforts. Below is everything you need to know about how social analytics tools will help empower your brand, as well as how to choose the best social media tools for marketing.

Social Analytics Tools

Social customers are always evolving since they know they are in charge, and they have numerous choices. Businesses that are not able to connect at a personal level with their audiences may never be able to penetrate through the noise. Again, brands that provide authentic and quality products but do not respond promptly when things go wrong may lose customers or, even worse, see those consumers shame them on social media.

Fortunately, social consumers are prone to sharing on social media platforms, and brands that take time to listen to their audience have a better chance of succeeding in all areas of their operations. Below are some of the ways social analytics information will help your brand.

Creating Powerful Content

With social analytics data, you will be able to know what your audience is looking for so that you can be in a better position to offer engaging content on the right platforms at the right time. This is because the content must be about offering an actual lift in your brand awareness and not about what attains the most likes.

Avoiding Brand Crisis

There is no room for error in the ever-competitive business climate; hence guarding your reputation is very important. This is because it only takes a single post to go viral, and if it is the wrong one, you may not be able to stop it or get ahead of it. With social analytics tools, you are able to detect potential problems and hence eradicate them before they go viral. You can also identify a competitor crisis and take advantage of it correctly.

There are many more advantages of social analytics tools to your brand, especially when you possess the right tools. Here are some guidelines in selecting the best social media tools for marketing.

How to Choose the Best Social Media Tools for Marketing

The social media tools you use will either improve your brand’s capabilities or limit them. With the never-ending social media tools for marketing to choose from, you should take into consideration a few things in order to end up with the best. Here are two things to keep in mind.

It would be best if you chose a social media tool for marketing that easily integrates with other tools. This is because no tool meets all social media marketing needs. The best tools in various categories always provide ways to integrate information into the tool or how to export data from it. Another consideration is whether the tool has whistles that are not informative. This is because most social media marketing tools have added easy options that are not important for you.

Best Social Media Tools for Marketing: NetBase

NetBase is a leading provider of social analytics, and it is powered by Next Generation AI (Artificial Intelligence). It recently launched AI Studio, a market automated theme platform. NetBase assists businesses by providing contextualized insights found through social monitoring, competitive analysis, crisis response, social listening, influencer identification, among others.

Other social media marketing tools include Narrow, which helps you to attract and understand potential consumers on Twitter. Audiense enables you to group customers according to their interests and sending them personalized messaging. Kicksta is used for Instagram marketing, and it puts you in a position where you can get more followers and increase sales.