Choosing a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

No matter what your business is, chances are you need a commercial vacuum cleaner. By choosing the best vacuum for your application, you can keep your floors clean, create an efficient cleaning system and make sure your customers and employees are safe.

What Makes a Vacuum Commercial Grade?

A home vacuum can do a fine cleaning job, but it’s often used infrequently. A commercial vacuum will be more powerful, durable, and built for continuous use. A home vacuum could wear out quickly and commercial vacuums will last longer and be up to the more heavy use that is needed. Commercial units also come with a commercial power cord, which is necessary to make sure your business complies with safety guidelines.

Types of Vacuums

Upright: These are great for general cleaning purposes, such in restaurants, offices, or hotel rooms. These vacuums have a self-contained design that is useful if your cleaning crew is going from one area to another, since you only need to roll the vacuum.

Canister: Canister vacuums are good for cleaning under furniture and can be easier to handle if you need to vacuum stairs. These styles will usually be quieter than others.

Backpack: This type of vacuum is easy to carry and is great if employees are cleaning for longer periods of time. Many models come with back support and ergonomic pads for safety.

Wet/Dry: These vacuums are designed to clean up any kind of mess, whether its debris or liquids. This is necessary for professional cleaning services, but other businesses may find this vacuum helpful depending on the messes they are typically cleaning.

Bagless vs. Bagged

If you are considering going bagless, consider some things. Eliminating disposable bags can reduce expenses, but bagless vacuums will have filters that need to be cleaned. Emptying a bagless cleaner can also be a dusty job.

Different Features to Explore

If you are going to clean a lot of hardwood floors at your business, then you need a vacuum that can handle these. Many uprights will do great on both, but canister vacuums may need special cleaning heads. If you are going to use the cleaner for more than one type of floor surface, then consider the height adjustment. Consider the type of roller brush type as well. Some are powered by suction and others are powered by a motor. Being able to turn the brush on and off is important when cleaning hard floors so the dirt doesn’t scatter. Consider the length of the power cord if you are cleaning a business that doesn’t have a lot of power outlets. Longer cords can help you reach further without having to locate another power source. The noise level is important if you are cleaning in areas where people are working.