Cash Out on The Branded Ceramic Kamado Barbeques Holiday Season Sale On BBQs2U!



BBQs2U is a premier location for buying branded BBQs and accessories. The small family business is flourishing since 2002 as it sells barbeques from top-line manufacturers like Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, Ooni, and Napoleon. No barbeque is complete without tools, utensils, and accessories. 

BBQs2U has an extensive stock of customized covers, tools, lump wood, charcoal, wood chips, etc. They have rotisseries to cook ideal meat. Ceramic chicken stand, pizza stone, cast iron wok, grill expander, cast iron reversible griddle, cast iron grate, stainless steel vegetable & fish grate, and Dutch oven. 

BBQs2U offers discounts on the KamadoSpace Infinity Island this season. It allows storing accessories and keeping things handy while preparing the food outdoors. The table resembles an outdoor cooking island that looks aesthetic and is functional. For more info call BBQs2U!

The 3rd generation KJ Classic III & Big Joe III has some upgrades. The changes in Classic III are notable. The patented SloRoller hyperbolic smoke chamber insert transforms the grill into a smoker. The smoke and heat are circulated in a cyclonic ring with this insert and create 20X more smoke, even heat, and strong flavor than its past generation. 

The updated 3-tier Divide and Conquer system allows more options for arranging cooking surfaces at varying heights. Classic III offers 510 sq. inches and Big Joe provides a whopping 864 sq. inches of cooking space. The stainless steel charcoal basket is dividable. It allows holding coals closer as well as split charcoal when Divide & Conquer system is used. The ash is filtered naturally in the removable ash drawer. 

Louisiana Grills 24" (60 cm) Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Barbecue in Blue +  Cover | Costco UK

The Kontrol Tower vent is rust-resistant and controls interior temperature. It is designed cleverly to reduce the impact of bad weather on the barbeque and fewer amounts of wind and rain can enter inside from the top vent. The Air Lift hinge reduces the weight of the dome significantly. It lessens the risk of lids slamming shut suddenly. 

The AMP Firebox resolved the issue of firebox cracking due to expansion and contraction from high heat. The AMP is divided into five ceramic sections, thus offering space to expand and contract with ease.

Wiremesh fiberglass gasket including a stainless steel robust latch allows an air-tight seal. It locks the heat, smoke, and moisture for improved fuel efficiency and better results. KJ offers a 10 year of guarantee on its gasket. 

BBQs2U offers add-on KJ accessories like JoeTisserie that transform the KJ into an automated spit. The DoJoe helps in cooking pro-level pizzas in the backyard. The iKamand offers the best hand-off cooking or temperature control from remote areas. 

KJ’s third-generation Classic and Big Joe are equipped with everything needed to start BBQing at a great price point. The upgrades make it better at smoking and offer cooking flexibility. Follow BBQs2U on Instagram to watch the photos and videos posted by their satisfied customers. Go for any brand of BBQs, each one have their perks in terms of features and price.