Beyond Pricing: Questions To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Agency!


When it comes to hiring an SEO agency, most businesses are just concerned about the budget. Pricing is certainly one of the critical factors to consider, but it isn’t the only thing you should be asking about. As a smart client, you have to get details that really matter. Finding the right SEO agency Singapore may seem tricky, but we promise that the below-mentioned questions will give a fair idea of what to expect from a service. 

  • How long does it take to appear on the first page of Google?

This may seem like a confusing question, but that also tells a lot about what you can expect from a relevant service. A SEO company that promises great things within a couple of weeks or a month is just lying. Yes, fixing some of the on-page elements can help in improving the rankings, but you cannot expect a major change immediately. Brands need to understand that SEO is an organic process, and it often can take months to ensure good rankings, depending on where a website stands currently. Beware of false claims, reassurances, and suggestions that may not mean anything in the practical sense. In the worst cases, agencies may restore to black and grey-hat SEO strategies, which can get your website penalized. 

  • Do you specialize in local SEO?

If yours is a local company trying to sell products/services, local SEO is an aspect you cannot afford to ignore. Your backlinking strategy and keyword research should be based on local searches, and that’s where the expertise of an SEO agency comes in handy. You want to be sure that smaller things, like the title tags are checked for keywords, all the business listings have been claimed, the website has been optimized for all the relevant contact details, and so on. Expect an experienced SEO company to explain everything related to local SEO. 

  • What’s your strategy for backlinks?

Link building is extremely critical for SEO, and you have to find a way to improve the approach to backlinking. Be cautious about SEO services that don’t have a strategy in place. You would want them to explain how they are acquiring backlinks to your profile. For example, just getting links from any random site is not going to help your SEO efforts. You have to find a way to focus on niche authority sites, ensure that the content is optimized, and keep an eye on the backlink profile. Also, many brands make the mistake of just focusing on only one kind of links. You don’t want to get just do-follow links, but also no-follow ones. 

Content, social media and more

A competent and reliable SEO company should have a team of professional marketing experts, content editors, content writers and copywriters. SEO relies heavily on content, and beyond off-page content optimization, you also have to focus on website content. Static websites hardly gain any exposure in the long run, because there isn’t enough content to keep regular visitors and site users excited. You have to find a company that doesn’t undermine the power of content. 

Also, focus on the way they use social media for SEO. Google now recognizes and indexes content from all relevant websites, including social media platforms, and brand mentions on these platforms can actually add trust and improve SEO results. Find a company that doesn’t just try to woo your team with the price but is also willing to explain their work process in detail. They should be able to explain how SEO can help your brand effectively, and if and to what extend you should be spending on paid marketing and PPC.