Best Battery for Ford F-150 Based on Driving Needs


If your car battery is dead and you’re looking for a new one, you should focus on finding the right battery that meets your car’s needs and your driving habits. Ford F-150 drivers have to pick a battery that keeps this powerful truck doing its job, whether you’re using your truck for heavy-duty towing or routine trips to school and work. Here is what you need to know the find the best battery for your Ford F-150.

Why Your Battery Choice Matters

The brand and specifications for your car battery can make a difference in your truck’s performance. If you know how to choose a car battery, you may be able to get more life out of your battery purchase and avoid being stranded on the side of the road with a dead battery. Battery consumers need to consider several different factors before choosing a product.

Look at Battery Group Size (BGI)

First, determine the battery group size that matches the Ford F-150’s owner’s manual and specifications. BGI is calculated by the Battery Council International. The Ford F-150 has the versatility to use batteries with different BGI ranges. One of the most common BGI’s that meets the Ford F-150’s needs is size 65, which works with many other pickup trucks.

Check the Cold-Cranking Amps (CCA)

Another specification to check before purchasing your new battery is its cold-cranking amps or CCA. This battery product detail measures how well the battery performs in the coldest of temperatures. If you live in a colder climate and experience intense winter weather, you should choose the best Ford F-150 batteries that feature a high CCA rating.

Research Battery Life 

Drivers who live in a warmer climate or go through periods of extreme high temperatures should consider the battery life of the product. High temperatures and lots of different short trips can increase the wear and tear on the vehicle, taking a toll on parts like brake pads, tires and the engine. Your battery’s life can also be tested in this type of weather, so be sure to choose a battery that has a long life.

Understand Reserve Capacity (RC) 

Reserve capacity or RC is also another essential in a high-quality battery. The Ford F-150 needs a battery that has a high RC rating. The RC of a battery refers to how long it can last if another charging component in the car stops working. The top batteries with a high RC rating can last without a new charge for at least two hours.

Choose the Right Warranty 

A battery also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that helps consumers feel confident in their purchase. It’s typical for a car battery to last about three to four years with standard driving habits. Some of the top products offer a three-year warranty that leaves you covered if your battery fails before that.

Get a Battery That’s Right for Your Truck

Buy the right battery for your Ford F-150 by carefully looking at the way you use your truck and the product’s specifications. Avoid getting stuck with a dead battery if you choose the best possible battery for your truck’s demands.