Benefits of Digital Marketing Automation in the Current Era



Do you want to increase revenue for your company? Digital marketing automation will help you achieve that goal. Marketing automation involves software that achieves the goal of marketing action. An example is Hubspot. Many marketers will want to automate repetitive tasks like emails, social media, and other website actions. They use modern technology that makes work easier.

The design of the software will enable you to prioritize and execute your digital marketing campaign in an efficient and more streamlined way. The ultimate goal of a market is to generate and increase income for your organization.

Research statistics by Grandview Research indicate that the marketing automation industry could is worthy at $ 7.63 billion by 2025.  

Let’s discuss the full benefits of this type of marketing:

It saves time

At some point, you might have developed an interest in marketing because it may have been a sweet spot between the business and the art. Marketing is a daunting task that requires clear strategies to reach optimal results. Employers identified a gap and came out with an elaborate plan to tackle marketing challenges. They created revolutionary contests and strategy for their companies to unimaginable levels. 

With digital marketing automation, what took days will take hours, and what took hours will take minutes. This technology will operate efficiently in less time while giving marketers more time to do what they signed offer emails as a problem-solving strategy. 

Cuts your budget

Digital marketing automation will ensure a more effective spend. Since marketing automation saves time, it reduces some costs such as staffing. By using marketing software, one employee can compete with a 50- person marketing and sales department. It is possible through setting up lead nurturing and marketing campaigns that are automatically triggered.  

Automation of marketing tasks will liberate your minds and save your precious budget. The bottom line is that you will enjoy a positive return on investment when you effectively implement a marketing automation solution. 

Boosts accountability of marketing and sales teams

While you are using a digital marketing automation solution, it exposes where there are bottlenecks in your company. The driving factor is because the software has clearly defined processes with a bird’s eye view of the company’s pipeline.

Suppose marketing captures hundreds of leads; unfortunately, none get nurtured to become sales qualified leads. There will be an instant or partial feedback to the marketing department for the need to improve their nurturing campaigns. The feedback on the accountability of the staff and departments to see that the system is performing effectively.

A better view of all activities

Marketers can implement repeatable and proven process based on specific business demands. Marketing automation centralizes all tasks, dates, resources, and deliverables. It connects to required persons needed to complete a marketing initiative. As a marketer, you will have the advantage of a global view of all activities. It ensures the completion of all the projects in time. 

An integrated marketing solution will give a single system of record to keep your initiatives on schedule. Each process runs with optimal timing, cost efficiency, and accuracy. The entire cycle is repeatable upon successful completion. 

Boosts your customer lifetime 

With digital marketing automation, you can consider taking the human aspect out of up-selling and cross-selling. You can achieve it by creating a series of automated rules. For instance, you run an e-commerce business that sells the car gear. On top of generic up-sells, it can be like reminding clients to order new tires; you can also set up highly personalized up-sells. 


Marketing automation has come of age. Every business wants to grow, bring better returns and expand its operations. With the current competition in many industries, you have to adapt to new technologies for you to withstand the heat. The decision to implement the marketing automation squarely lies in your court.