Atlantis Water Park Aquaventure – Sea Lions Point


Wow! Sea Lion in Dubai! Great! Of late, we are getting to see such adventures happening right in the cities we live in, though lot more way to go. Atlantis Aquaventure has ventured to bring in true sea life experience to Dubai. How nice to be with those gentle sea creatures which we only saw on our television sets or in the movies like Jaws! While it is happening, let us make the most of it! Visit for Aquaventure Ticket Offers coupon and enjoy your day with the sea lions and other ventures at Atlantis Water Park’s Aquaventure!

Sea Lion Discovery

Do you know how to swim? Do you know how to glide under water? Well. At the Sea Lions Point in the Atlantis Water Park Aquaventure, you can experience the different ways to be in the water. Sea lions will show you how to dive, how to glide, how to roll and all other tricks they employ while in the waters. And, that is why you should know how to swim to discover the sea lions. Open for all those aged 6 years and above and those who know swimming, this is going to be a lifetime experience! Under the able guidance of specialists, you shall be playing and having fun with these gentle sea creatures. Ensure the Aquaventure Ticket Offers coupon is made use of to get good discount.

Meet and Greet Sea Lion

While discovering sea lions and their habitats require you to know swimming, just to meet a sea lion doe not require any swimming skill. Yes! For those of you ho are scared of water or do not know how to swim, don’t you worry! The experts at the Sea Lion Point will always be there to help you and guide you to interact with a sea lion. You can also have a complimentary souvenir photo snap of one of your most loving moments with a sea lion! What else do you want! Go out there and enjoy your day with family and friends and make new friends with the sea creatures. Don’t forget using Aquaventure Ticket Offers coupon from for discounts on the tickets.

15-Minute Orientation

Atlantis Aquaventure has taken all precautions in catering to the needs of the sea creatures at their largest of the aquariums. Specialist medical teams and facilities are put in place to take care of the animals, periodically. Accordingly, the teams have well enough experience in dealing with the sea creatures and also knowing well about their habits and habitats. You as a visitor to these enclosures also get to know about the sea creatures like the sea lions, dolphins, sharks and other fish. The 15-minute orientation at the Sea Lion Point will help you gain so much of information that you get to interact with the sea lions while knowing them and learning about their way of living. What an experience that you should definitely be a part of! Not without the Aquaventure Ticket Offers from!

Behind The Scenes Experience

Your kids are the future care takers of our planet Earth. So, they should be knowing lot about our planet. In this experience, the kids get to interact with the trainers at Atlantis Aquaventure Park and know about marine life. A one-hour program will help your kids think differently towards various conservational acts they need to employ to save Earth for a peaceful and enjoying living together. The kids also get to enjoy various activities where age groups for toddlers, teens and kids are differently arranged and taken well care of by trained staff. An Underwater Theatre for kids to get close to sea animals and watch and learn about ocean facts!

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