Ask these questions before hiring an Austin employment discrimination lawyer


Employers in Texas are required to adhere to state and federal laws when it comes to workplace safety and preventing discrimination. Unfortunately, such incidents do happen. In Texas, employers offer “at-will” employment, which means that the employer reserves the right to terminate or fire an employee, with or without a reason. Employees too can choose to quit whenever they want. However, when you are fired with illegal motives or because of certain complaint, your race, gender, pregnancy or color, you may consider holding your employer accountable. One of the key aspects is to talk tso an Austin employment discrimination lawyer. Before you engage a firm, here are some questions you need to ask. 

Do you specialize in employment law?

You need to know if the law firm dedicates majority of their practice to employment law. Ask about the number of attorneys who work at the firm and if they are Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law by Texas Board of Legal Specialization. 

Do you just work for employees or both?

An attorney needs to have an empathetic approach while handling cases related to sexual harassment at work, or employment discrimination. Ask the lawyer if they work for just employees or employers, as well. They should be aggressive in their approach, and it makes sense to engage a firm that mostly works for employees. 

Will you offer a free initial consultation?

Most lawyers will oblige to a free initial consultation, where you can discuss the matters and facts of your case, and they will give a fair idea of what to expect from the entire lawsuit, if you choose to file one. You shouldn’t feel obligated to hire the lawyer whatsoever. 

How much do you charge for employment discrimination cases?

Unlike personal injury lawsuits, where most lawyers work on a contingency basis, employment discrimination cases are treated differently. However, in some circumstances, your lawyer will only ask for a fee, if they win, but mostly, you can expect the lawyer to work on a retainer mode. Just ask if they are willing to adjust and come to a manageable fee arrangement. 

Are you available?

An employment discrimination lawyer, who is handling a bunch of cases already may not have the time for your case. You need to be sure that the lawyer you are paying for is working on your case personally. 

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