An Introduction To The New And Innovative AD-4C Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit (Ast Model)

Rust, corrosion, buildup, and constant friction as components rub together may degrade firearms over time. Cleaning your firearms regularly helps preserve all of the moving pieces within, prevent jams, and maintain them in working order for years ahead.

Cleaning your firearm may take numerous ways. It may be as simple as cleaning the firearm with some oil and a bore snake.  Sometimes, disassembling and physically cleaning each component requires following the step-by-step instructions in your firearm’s handbook. Thanks to Armory Den’s new and innovative AD-4C Adaptive solvent trap kit (Ast Model), cleaning your firearms is now made easy and efficient.

What’s The New And Innovative AD-4C Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit (Ast Model)?

It’s critical to have the proper cleansers for the task while cleaning your firearm. A suitable solvent may aid in the dissolution of the buildup within your barrel. Cleaning and lubricating your firearm is a good start, but you may need a specialized solvent for more serious accumulation.

The AD-4C Adaptive Solvent Trap is a purpose-built solvent trap cleaning kit for firearms. The outside diameter of this Adaptive Solvent Trap is 1.57′′, and it comes with a 1.375-24″ tube and cup thread pitch, plus a 1.1875-24 TPI Adapter. These are excellent solvent trap kits for anybody looking for a high-grade, distinctive, and flexible solvent trap cleaning kit, and it offers a quick integration for any 1.57″ Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit user.

What Makes The New And Innovative AD-4C Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit (Ast Model) Unique?

Compared to other solvent trap kits, the adjustable dividers or storage cups for a more creative modular design are characteristics that distinguish this Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit. The modular, adaptable storage cups and the tube body are distinct, unlike previous solvent trap systems. To conform to their preferences, the user may choose how many IRSCs and AD space connections to utilize during cleaning. This will be determined by the caliber of the firearm and the amount of solvent required for cleaning.

The new and innovative AD-4C Adaptive Solvent Trap is exactly13.8 ounces and 9.25 inches in length in its most extended constructed transport form. On its shortest configuration with a Thread Mount and End Cap installed, it’s 5.1 ounces and a little over 3.375 inches.  The outside diameter of this solvent trap type is 1.57,” and the inner diameter is 1.375″. You can remove connections and cups until you are satisfied with the setup for your particular cleaning requirements or prefer a shorter configuration. When you get to use these solvent trap kits, you’ll see that it’s an Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit with a focus on quality and adaptability.

What’s Included In The Kit?

A 1/228′′ and 5/824′′ thread mount, a 3′′ tube extender, one sealed end cap, four Internal Radial Storage Cups, and an industry-standard 1.375-24′′ TPI Adapter are included in these solvent trap kits. These solvent trap kits contain a 1.375-24′′ TPI to simplify and make things straightforward. The AD Space Connectors between each IRSC offer extra room during transportation.

Keep Your Firearms At Their Best Shots With Armory Den’s New And Innovative AD-4C Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit (Ast Model)

Enhanced stability, longer firearm life expectancy, and increased precision are what you’ll gain with regularly and efficiently cleaned firearms. You’re worried if you’ve thoroughly cleaned your firearm? Let Armory Den‘s new and innovative AD-4C Adaptive solvent trap kit (Ast Model) do the legwork for you! Allow our cleaning kit to handle the details so you can go back to enjoying your firearms.