Alternative Ways to Celebrate Birthday Parties if You Can’t Have Mass Gatherings

It’s unfortunate that most birthday parties can’t push through during this pandemic. It’s quite sensitive to host something lavish when everyone else is suffering. It’s also illegal since most places have rules against mass gatherings. The good thing is that you have no choice but to force yourself to find alternative ways of celebrating your birthday. Some of them might even be more meaningful than what you initially intended to do.

Hold a zoom call with friends

Zoom calls are now part of the new normal. Everyone communicates through this platform. The best part is you can invite as many people as you want to be a part of the call. It allows you to stay connected with the people you love even if they’re not physically with you. It also means a lot if they show up to celebrate your special day.

Host a virtual fundraiser

Your past birthdays were all about you. Try to make changes this time by making it about others. It will be more meaningful if you try hosting a fundraiser. You can use your birthday to convince your friends to help others. You might also have friends who will tell you that they’re sending gifts. Instead of doing it, they can redirect the gifts to your fundraiser. Provide more details about the individuals or organisations that will benefit from the fundraiser to convince more people to donate. You can also request your friends to share your post if they’re unable to donate.

Be a volunteer

Since you have lots of free time, you can use it to volunteer. Look for organisations that need help. Check out local food banks. Given the number of people who have nothing to eat after losing their jobs, food banks have become busier than ever. You can volunteer and help cook. You can also partner with organisations that need help with services related to graphic design, web design, and photo editing. If you have skills that can be of help to non-profit organisations, you should volunteer.

Rent a large house with your family

If you still want to celebrate, you can do it with the people you love and live in the same house as you. Since you already feel tired of being at home, you can look for large houses for rent. You can stay there for a night and continue being in quarantine. The difference is that you have a new home. It’s way better than where you live. You also felt exhausted, not doing anything in your house for the past several months. With the amenities and features available, there are plenty of things you can do.

You can still enjoy your birthday this year, even if it won’t be the same as before. You might feel frustrated, but it could turn out to be your most memorable birthday ever. You can always look at the other side of this pandemic and avoid feeling frustrated.