Air Conditioner: Dirty Air Conditioning

If your air conditioner has been installed for more than 3 years, the appliance has never been cleaned, and now that smell of wet old cloth has appeared, so the source of the appliance’s bad smell is lack of cleaning. Make sure you use the help of licensed contractors for repair services.

More Why Does This Happen?

One of the main and most essential functions of air conditioning is to filter the air from the room. Therefore, all air conditioners have filters that must be cleaned regularly. However, the finer dirt enters the device and is in contact with the coil’s moisture, creating the perfect environment for mold formation. So, the foul smell in the air conditioner is nothing more and nothing less than dirt and mildew accumulated over years of using the device without cleaning and sanitizing.

Drain Without Siphon

The siphon is commonly used in sinks to prevent the sewage smell from returning to the environment. If the drain was connected to the bathroom, washing machine, or balcony when installing the appliance, they likely forgot to siphon during the installation. The best way to solve it is to redo the installation or reinforce the cleaning of drains and sewer boxes.

Moldy Wall Or Furniture

As we have already mentioned, one of the essential functions of air conditioning is to filter the ambient air during the air conditioning process. In this sense, the device pulls everything that is in the ambient air into the device. So, if there is any wall, furniture, or any other moldy item in the environment, the air conditioner will pull and enhance this smell, be it good or bad.

Chemical Waste

It is very common for air conditioning companies to provide the so-called “chemical cleaning” service for the air conditioning. The chemical cleaning is nothing but applying with a spray bottle and brushing highly toxic chemicals with a brush. In addition to helping destroy the air conditioner, this type of cleaning leaves chemical residues that cause bad smells. Also, when the customer himself uses cleaning products or perfumes in the environment, they try to alleviate the bad smell, when in fact, they are only making the situation worse.

External Causes

The air conditioning drain hose, as explained in the topic “Drain without a siphon,” can be exposed outside the property when not built-in or piped. So, if there is any smell from the outside, and smell, the air conditioner will pull it into the room.

What To Do To Solve The Bad Smell?

If your appliance has been in use for more than 3 years and only now the bad smell has appeared, it is necessary to completely clean and sanitize the appliance. If your appliance was newly installed and had a bad smell, we recommend contacting the installation team with the best company near me to verify the procedures adopted in the installation. For appliances with a drain exposed to the outside, we recommend checking the external environment for a possible cause for the bad smell.