A Step-by-Step Guide to Use Air Miles for Booking Hotel Stays

One of the best ways to redeem your air miles apart from flight tickets is to use them for booking a hotel stay. It cuts down on your expenses and helps in proper utilisation of your loyalty points. Mentioned in this post is a step-by-step guide to using air miles for hotel bookings.

Whenever you book a flight, your airline gives you certain air miles as a reward. You receive these miles as a perk of being a member of the frequent flying club of the airline. These air miles can later be redeemed in various profitable ways. Booking a hotel is one of the promising ways to redeem your stacked-up air miles. However, the process of booking a hotel with your air miles can be a bit confusing for some. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get the best value of your air miles when using it to book a hotel stay.

Step#1: Check if you Have Enough Air Miles to Book a Hotel: When you’re looking up hotels to book, keep in mind the number of air miles you have in your account. If you do not have enough air miles, you can pay in a combination of air miles and cash/card.  Select a hotel so that you can pay the majority amount in terms of miles for your benefit. Do note that you need to have a minimum balance in your air miles account to be able to use them.  

Step#2: Choosing the Correct Hotel: Select a hotel according to your convenience. Check out the location, the rent per day both in the local currency as well as air miles, basic amenities, available transportation facilities, whether they have an adjoining restaurant or not, and other facilities provided by the hotel. Go for it only if it suits your interests. Most good frequent flyer programs have a tie-up with thousands and lakhs of hotels worldwide. Hence, choosing a hotel of your choice shouldn’t be a challenge. 

Step#3: Check the Number of Air Miles Required: The number of air miles required to book a stay will vary from hotel to hotel. You should have a clear knowledge of the air miles you’ll be needing to book your stay at the particular hotel that you’ve chosen. It is advised to compare the miles needed with the actual price of the same hotel on the same day to ensure you are getting the right value. Remember that the prices are dynamic and subject to change. 

Step#4: Check the terms and conditions: Read the T&C document provided by your airline partner and the hotel you’ll be staying at, carefully. You don’t want to miss out on any conditions that can prove disagreeable later. For example, you can redeem JPMiles of Hotel Bookings of your friends and family members which may not be the case with other programs. 

Step#5: Make the Bookings: Last but not least, the most important work needs to be done. Make sure you only make the bookings through the authorised website. In most cases, you will be required to log in with your membership number and then make the bookings. Once the booking is made, your air miles are deducted from your account. Make sure you put the correct travel dates to avoid any hassles later.

Make your hotel booking well and before time. This way, you can avoid the last-minute crowd rush. You might also get some discounts or steal deals on your reservations. Once you are done with the booking, you can relax and start planning the rest of the itinerary of your much-awaited trip.