A short and rejuvenating getaway in Kerala after lockdown



I am used to taking breaks now and then, so I can go out of the city and recharge myself at a scenic destination. But it’s been more than six months of sitting around, just working and watching Netflix, and trust me, it gets stagnant after a point. I just couldn’t wait to head out in the open. So, as soon as the unlock procedures started, I decided to look at some destinations within the state, easily accessible by road.

Why I chose to travel local

Kerala has always been a tourist hotspot. Even after the pandemic, the state stands out with its unparalleled measures to curb the spread and flatten the curve. It is only a smart choice that I stayed within the state limits and just find a safe and less crowded place. The first safest option that I found after talking to my relatives in other towns, is Munnar. Thankfully, it’s one of my go-to places in the state. From Kochi, I managed to avail of a safe and sanitized car rental service in Kerala with a reliable driver.

Unwinding in Munnar and Alleppey

I could easily find a vacancy at the homestay I usually stay at, owned and run by one of my friend’s parents. They were extremely careful with sanitization and had not entertained more than 2 guests in their huge house. It was indeed a surprise to see Munnar so quiet except for a very few workation travelers. Also, after months of lockdown, the environment felt fresher than ever! My break was only for a few days, so I spent mostly talking a walk around or chatting up with my hosts and fellow guests. The hills looked more alive with greener foliage (also because of the rains). That is precisely what I needed – a different environment and new faces to talk to.

While in Munnar, I also thought of heading to a couple of places nearby. My hosts told me that Alleppey at this time would be good to visit. Although houseboats were not as highly operational as usual, I could always roam around in the car and stop by any empty place I wanted to. The cab service I booked was with me throughout the trip and I made the most of it. 

Alleppey was a day trip. One of the things I have always liked in Alleppey is the feel of Marari Beach. And the weather being mildly cloudy, I spent the entire day by the sea, taking photos, reading, and taking long walks in the open air, which I dearly missed while working from home for months.

The same evening I returned to Munnar, to my homestay and spent the night soaking in the calming, refreshing nature after what felt like ages.

I was glad that way my trip covered both hills and the coast; a break after the pandemic couldn’t get more fulfilling than that.